I try to be nice. I REALLY do! It seems that I have a short fuse for incompetent (for lack of a better word) sales clerks at stores that start with a K.

Today LM had early release from school so we went shopping for a birthday gift for the party she is going to on Saturday. We found the gift, card and a few other can't live without things for home and headed to the register. I am notorious for getting in the wrong line. I picked a line with one lady in it. Thought that was safe. Well, not really. The clerk proceeded to chat away with the customer (I believe there is a fine line between being nice and chatting too much) in front of me then finally gave her a receipt. The paper was all curled up like ribbon on a gift and the clerk said 'oh, I hope I don't run out of tape.' I should have bolted then.

Now, anyone who has worked with cash register tape (for that matter, anyone who has shopped) knows that the tape will turn a color (usually red) on the edges well before it runs out. That's the sign to change it ASAP, right? At the very least she should have changed it when it was all curled up, after her last customer.

Well, you know what happened next. She rings up my stuff and low and behold she runs out of tape when the store name was printing (on the tippy top). Of course, she has no clue what to do now (don't they train people on this?) Luckily, the customer behind me also was an associate and told her what to do. Apparently you just can't reprint it (what? It's 2010 K...)

The clerk tells me it is being reprinted in the back and someone will bring it up in a minute (more like 10). She apologizes as she is putting the new register tape in which takes all of 30 seconds.

I am then asked to come to customer service to wait for my receipt. When I arrived at CS the phone rings and Tiffany, the CS clerk, asks 'how much was your purchase again' (this information has already been relayed to her a couple of times). That's when I blew. My exact words were 'why is this so difficult' (not much help, I know)? Luckily a young man who may have been an assistant manager came over and offered to go get the receipt from the back (we all know how far it is from the front to the back of these stores).

LM asked what happened. I diplomatically told her that the sales clerk was lazy and didn't do her job so we were being inconvenienced. 'Oh' she says and goes back to looking at a rack of DVD's.

The clerk must have said 5 times that she was sorry. I am always at a loss as to how I should reply to that: 'oh, no problem.' That's no good since it IS a problem. OR 'that's okay.' Doesn't work either since it's not okay. So I just smile and nod.

I have to say I felt much better when LM suggested we go out for frozen yogurt. That made it all better and the frozen yogurt clerk was very nice....


Sarah said…
That would have bugged me too. Ugh.

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