"It's red..."

Says my husband when he sees our newly slipcovered chair and ottoman. Here's the before. Not my cup of tea fabric wise but my mom was getting a new chair and asked if we wanted this one. A free chair - of course I want it. So I lived with this pattern for a few months and my mom asked if I would like to have the chair & ottoman recovered as my birthday gift. Of course!
And here's the result:

I LOVE it. My husband likes the feel of the fabric but thinks it's too red. But I wanted it to be RED! The rest of our family room is beige, cream and black. It needed color! It really looks like a whole new chair. I have to say that the picture doesn't really do it justice but you can tell it's better than before. Way better...


Laurie Anne said…
Looks fantastic!! Every room needs something that "pops".

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