Team Jenny...

Jenny Sanford. She should be up for sainthood.
I mean, really, what else does her Governor 'husband' have up his sleeve? What else does he think the public needs to know about his 'soulmate'? What else does he need to have smeared all over the media for his young boys to see? Mark Sanford is nothing short of a dirty rotten scoundrel.
Being a Republican, I had high hopes for him to help lead the party in the next few years. Guess we can cross him off the list. And this guy, too. I am sure there are others or will be all too soon. I have been reading about both of these politicians lately and so much runs through my mind. Most of it I can't write down though!
Both of these men still have children living at home. Boys. What a great example they are setting for them, don't you think? Thank goodness these kids have strong moms taking care of them, helping to protect them from their fathers' indiscretions. Is this what you sign up for when you marry a politician?
On a lighter note, isn't Jenny Sanford's top too cute??? And it matches my new blog background!


The Mrs. said…
I hope she stays the class act that she has been thus far. He's a rat.

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