Please, let me explain...

The story below is not intended to offend or hurt anyone and I apologize in advance if it has that effect. It is intended to really demonstrate that our kids are always listening to us.

I know that most of us have nicknames (some nice, some not) for places we shop. Here, we refer to Walmart as 'the Curry-Mao-Mart'. Let me explain so I don't offend anyone (I never intend to offend, I promise). Many years ago, even before LM was born, a friend called Walmart "China Mart", referring to the many products made in China. I had never heard this and thought it was funny. A while later I read an article in the Arizona Republic (I have a nickname for this paper, too) in the business section about Walmart. It was a hypothetical story about how life for all of us would change if we kept sending jobs overseas & importing everything from China. It also told the story of what life would be like if we brought jobs back & started manufacturing here in the US again. The story referred to the 'biggest retailer' as 'Mao-Mart.' Interesting. So, I began referring to Walmart as 'Mao-Mart'. Fast forward a few years when I hear that Walmart is sending more jobs overseas - this time to India (whether or not this ever happened, I have no idea). Hmm, I guess it is now 'Curry-Mao-mart' (referring to the yummy Indian spice). I try to only refer to the store that way to my husband and the friend who originally told me about China Mart, at the risk of offending anyone.

SO, THE WHOLE REASON FOR THE LONG DRAWN OUT STORY is : Today we were running errands and I mentioned to LM that we would probably end up having to go out to Walmart later. And she says, "Oh, you mean the CURLY Mao-Mart?" So, from here on out I will refer to Walmart as.... Walmart. Kids really hear everything.

Now our kids are always listening and observing but not so much with our husbands. I have been looking for a new white, fabric shower curtain. You would think it was easy but with our limited shopping choices I couldn't find one I like. Of course I found this one at Pottery Love it. Don't love the price ($99). I was 'this close' to ordering it though since I didn't find one when we were in Utah (looked a few places w/ no luck). But we went shopping on Wednesday to a nearby town that has a Marshalls so I thought I would give it a shot. Well, it was my lucky day. I found one that looked alot like this one for .......

$19.99!! And I got the little roller hooks there for $4.99. Yes, it was my lucky day. No, my husband hasn't noticed it. Our bathroom is small so he shouldn't miss it. The old curtain was yellow striped, this one is white. But remember, this is the man who, for six months, didn't notice the new lamp sitting on the table next to his recliner. We'll see how long this takes.
And just in case I lose all of my readers after publishing the above story I would like to thank those that commented on LM reading 'Twilight'. I have started it and I think it will be good. But definitely NOT for a 2nd grader. Thanks for your input.
By the way, we didn't go to Walmart yesterday. But we will be going tomorrow. EARLY. Like at 8am. I know the last minute school shoppers will be out in droves tomorrow afternoon & I would prefer to be in the comfort of my home when that happens as we are ready for school on Monday.


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