Their first trip....

to Starbucks?
I dropped Little Miss at her friend's house this morning (thank you Mr & Mrs. O!), headed to the bank and post office. And Starbucks. Since it was on the way home.
I noticed that it wasn't too crowded - yea! But it was 9:30 so I wasn't terribly surprised. So I go in, walking behind a totally clueless woman on her phone walking at a snail's pace. Pick up the pace lady, I need my decaf, non-fat, no whip mocha!, I am thinking. She finally turned around - I guess I was invading her personal space and she could feel it. She tells me to 'go ahead'. Thank you! I didn't want to be rude and 'cut'. :)
THEN, I get behind a couple who clearly have ventured into Starbucks for the first time ever. Either that or they are always a pain. The woman ordering was so confused as to what she was ordering - '2 pumps on the cold one, no, I mean the hot one. Wait, it is 2 pumps on the cold, 3 pumps on the hot. Wait, what do you usually put in the Venti? Ok, 3 pumps it is. Are you sure? No, I think I want 2, what do you think I should get?' HOLY COW. Just pump and move on. Seriously, I was behind them for at least 5 minutes and they started ordering before I arrived.
AND THEN, the husband pulls out a $100 bill for his $28 order. The cashier says, 'I will have to give you 5's and 1's for change, is that okay?' 'NO' says hubby and just looks at the cashier. What, do you want her to pull the change out of the air? She asks if he has a smaller bill. He rifles through is wallet like it's a bank vault only to say that, no, he has nothing smaller. PEOPLE, I am thirsty here!!!
FINALLY, I get my turn. Just in time for lunch.
Glad I could get that off my chest...


We have the same drink - except I get whip!

Those people were funny! You wouldn't have gotten that with the 7:30 crowd!!

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