Dear Retailers...

Thank you, but NO, I do not want to go home and log on to your website to take a survey about how I was treated in your store today and be entered in to a drawing to win a bazillion dollar gift card.

No, I would rather you spend your dollars training your employees to be kind, helpful, effective, knowledgeable and interested instead. If you do that you will know how I feel because I will keep coming back and spending my hard earned money in your store.

Let's bring back REAL customer service, okay?


Debra @ September Acres

Does anyone else out there feel like this?


Tina Leigh said…
YES!!! It makes me soooo mad when I go into WalMart & I have to move out of the way or around the employees to shop. I thought they were here for us but it never fails..... I am having to accomadate them.
Laurie Anne said…
Totally feel the same way. Good customer service is basicly being polite and helpful (shouldn't that be NORMAL behavior?) Hello, thank yous and the such are sorely missed these days.

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