do you watch that, Mom?" asks Little Miss.

Speaking of the 'Real Housewives of Orange County'.


I usually watch a few episodes on the weekends - you know, when they do the marathon type showings, back to back. I spend the whole time groaning, ugh-ing, asking what is wrong with these girls, are they really for real, etc.

I saw the episode this weekend where Lynne and her daughter had plastic surgery on the same day. UGH. Let me say that I am all for plastic surgery if you want to do it. I may do it one day. The husband of a good friend is a plastic surgeon, it pays their bills and those of their employees. I have nothing against it. I am, however, a little miffed as to why a parent would let their young (18 or 20, or so) daughter do it for no good reason. I don't think Lynne's daughter 'needed' the nose job but please correct me if I am wrong.

And, the girls are one thing but the husbands - UGH. The only one I remotely like is Vicky's husband and she treats him like dirt. He must really love her. Or really likes being on TV. Lynne's hubby seems okay too, but she and their girls walk all over him. The other guys just seem sleazy to me. Speaking of Slade - UGH. I know he really likes being on TV. It all seems to be about the 15 minutes of fame thing.

So I don't know why I watch it.


Laurie Anne said…
I also find Slade REALLY creepy. I liked Gretchen, but the fact she is with Slade, makes me think twice about her. yuck.
Linda said…
Thanks for coming by for a visit. I have never seen this show...maybe I should watch it one day!

Sarah said…
I am hooked on this show too. I have no reason why. I dislike ALLLLL of them!

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