Food 101...

Did you catch 'Oprah' yesterday? It was all about food. The down and dirty about food and where it comes from. It should keep me from eating. But it probably won't. Darn...
Really though it makes you think about what you put in your body. I am a firm believer in food being really critical to our health - I think so many things can be helped with the right diet (I am not a doctor and don't play one on TV; this is just my opinion) -type 2 diabetes, headaches, stomach aches, puffiness, etc. I know how I feel when I eat well and I know how I feel when I don't. And sometimes (lots of times honestly) I don't eat well.
This show may change that. The author of the book Food Rules' , Michael Pollan, was on. I love some of his rules:
  • Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food (no Cheetos!)
  • Don't eat anything with ingredients a third grader can't pronounce.
  • Eat meat of animals who themselves have been fed a healthy diet.
  • Eat as much junk food as you like, just make it yourself (make your own french fries)

There are many more rules, those are just a few that stuck with me.

The thing that I think affected me the most was the story about the beef & chicken. We've all heard the stories of them being cooped up unable to roam, not getting outside at all, gaining tons of weight in a short time (getting a bigger bird more quickly). Seeing the pictures was the worst. I will look into buying grass fed beef and free range chickens. I am not sure what I will find in my small town or how it will fit into our budget but I am on the look out for it. I eat meat but I have always tried not to think about where it comes from and what happens to it before it gets to our table. Now I can't shake the scenes I saw today. Most of them came from a movie called 'Food Inc' which apparently we all need to see. Oprah viewers can get it at Amazon for $9.99 until Friday night.

On another subject I just have to say this: GOOD FOR YOU ELIZABETH EDWARDS.

It looks like she finally had enough of that good for nothing scoundrel she has stood by for years. No one knows the nitty gritty and there are two sides to every story (wouldn't you love to know his??) but I am sure it was hard for her to do this. I need to say that I do not encourage divorce and personally would do what I could to avoid it so I am not cheering her on because I think divorce is great. It will surely be hard on her and her kids and it may seem like she's throwing in the towel but her life on this earth may be nearing it's end and she should go out and enjoy what she's got left. Oh, and I read that he is 'extraordinarily sad' over their split. Should have thought about that a few years ago, huh buddy?

That's all...


Tina Leigh said…
I do not watch Oprah but nothing you have said surprises me...matter of fact I have been aware of this stuff for a long time. But darn it I like my Cheetos! LOL!! I think chicken is one of the worst things we eat & then the cows. We hunt & eat our food. Deer is some of the best tasting & better for you than about anything. We eat other stuff to that we hunt. I dont ever buy fish...have it in my back yard & we cath fish ourselves. Now drinking milk is a problem here. We dont have fresh milk available & I dont believe all that "ORGANIC" grown stuff you get at the store is what they say it is. I dont believe in taking vitamins either. They are a big fat waste of money!

Now on Mrs. Edwards.....what the heck took you so long! I dont tolerate "Spit-swapping" & that is what my husband & I call it!
Good post!
Tina Leigh said…
I have a pond in my back yard...guess that sounds a little crazy there! LOL!
Laurie Anne said…
Isn't it the truth about the food we eat today? (of course, I had poptarts for breakfast) I try and cook a lot and I think that helps. Whenever I go shopping and look at the ingreds for some premade food, it is shocking.
I saw a story a ways back about a school that all the "bad kids" were sent to and the first thing they did was revamp the school lunches. Quality, healthy food and low and behold, the behaviors improved.
Great post

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