Do you make them or not?

Every year I 'kind of' make them. I don't officially write stuff down or anything. I just kind of think things in my head. Very vague things usually. I am not sure why I do it. This year it's pretty much the same thing. But let me write them down to make them 'official':

  • Eat healthier. If I do this I will surely lose weight. My meals are basically really healthy and balanced. It's the stuff in between that does me in. So I need to forgo the in between meal stuff.
  • Exercise more. Consistently. I'll go a few weeks and work out almost daily. Then I hit a bump in the road, a schedule change, whatever and I end up off track and it takes me a while to get back on. Walking with Smokey will do both of us some good. He has soooo much energy that he needs to work off. So we'll do it together.
  • Be nicer. Not the 'oh, of course I'll volunteer to watch your brats, er kids, for the weekend' kind of nice but the being patient kind of nicer.
  • Manage my time better. I try to keep a schedule each week. I set aside time to work, do things around the house, just hang out at home, as well as the things I have to do like work in LM's class, scrapbook, etc. My schedule is pretty tight. But I will give in if someone asks me to do something and then wonder why the house is a mess, work doesn't get done, etc. I guess it's all part of the 'saying no' thing.

I'm thinking these things will keep me pretty busy and adding any more 'resolutions' will just be counterproductive.


Sarah said…
I don't outwardly make resolutions. The only one that I need to really accomplish is lose weight. NOw that I am offically done having kids, I am hoping the willpower will stay with me :) My OCD nature takes care of the rest of the things that have to get done :)

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