Pantry Challenge....

We finished the first week of the eat from your pantry challenge. I would have to say it was pretty successful as I only purchased perishables, a pack of bratwurst that was on sale, peanut butter and some popsicles for LM. And I used up a bag of pretzels, nuts & 2 boxes of cereal making Chex mix, which is great for snacks & school lunches.
This week's menu:
  • Monday- Breakfast for dinner.
  • Tuesday-Chicken enchiladas, salad
  • Wednesday- Left overs from Tuesday & salad
  • Thursday- Subway after hockey
  • Friday-Spaghetti & salad
  • Saturday-LM's birthday party - it's a sleepover so I will order pizza for their dinner. Will also have a veggie tray & fruit kabobs (a hit at her last party) as well as cake and ice cream.
  • Sunday- steak, baked potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes (for LM), sauteed mushrooms(I have 14 jars right now!) & salad

I have to run to Walmart on Friday to get some party things and will probably pick up some food that I like to buy there because it usually less than my regular store. For example: rice, granola bars, sauce mixes.

Full Disclosure: That is NOT my pantry above (it is courtesy of Better Homes & Garden). But isn't it fabulous???


Sarah said…
I was going to ask you if that was your pantry!! I wish it were mine!
Laurie Anne said…
I'm trying to do more of this as well. If for no other reason than I hate going to the store :0)

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