Eating from the pantry...

A challenge. I'm in!

I like the idea of eating from your pantry. I tend to stock up on basics when they're on sale and eating from the pantry is a great way to use your bargains. I am not sure exactly how long I'll be able to do this since I spent much of December eating from the pantry when we weren't either entertaining (buying food for 'special' dinners) or at others' homes celebrating. I'd like to make it through January but I'm not sure if I'll quite make it. I know I will need to get milk, eggs and other perishables but hopefully that will be it.

This week's menu:
  • Tonight- hamburgers, baked beans, roasted potatoes (chop up 4-5 potatoes toss with olive oil & Lipton onion soup mix & roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or so), raw veggies (carrots, cucumbers, red peppers)
  • Wednesday - sandwiches (hubby has hockey so I don't cook a big meal), pineapple (fresh one I purchased last week for $1 each - need to eat it now!) & chips. I don't often buy chips but over the holidays I managed to accumulate a couple of bags which are now open and need to be eaten. The family will enjoy them since they know this might be it for a while!
  • Thursday- spaghetti, salad,fruit (probably the rest of the pineapple). LM has hockey so I need something quick. This fits the bill.
  • Friday- we are out of town for a hockey tournament.
  • Saturday - home from the hockey tournament in the late afternoon so we'll do sandwiches again - probably tuna - from the pantry & raw veggies & fruit.
  • Sunday- Ribs, baked potatoes, salad, sauteed mushrooms.

I will try to post next week's menu on Sunday or Monday.

How long do you think you could eat from your pantry?


Laurie Anne said…
I love this idea. I usually keep a pretty stocked pantry as well and love that I can pull one of my "quickie" meals together.

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