Think before you speak...

This post sort of relates to my last one as it hits on one of my pet peeves: personnel (this time at the bank) that do not remember you even though you have dealt with said employee umpteen times.

I had to go to the bank today to open an account. When I arrive one of the employees greets me (nice gesture), asks what she can help me with and then says "You look familiar".

Let's see, I may look familiar because I have been banking here for 10 years & you have been here for about 4 or 5 of them. Or could it possibly be that I am at the bank 3-4 times each week making deposits? Or could it be that you wait on me at least once a week? Gosh, what could it be?

Of course I was kind of dumbfounded when she said this. I replied by saying that I am in the bank several times a week & THEN, it slipped out, honest, I said "I can't believe you said that". It was early, she was the first person I encountered and it just slipped out. But it's also how I really felt. Then she went on about how I look different in the drive thru (I use that sometimes and she often waits on me). Funny, she doesn't look any different in that little window.

When I finally got to meet with the personal banker she said "Hi, long time no see. How have you been?"

That's more like it....


Tina Leigh said…
Yep! And what about when one of them decides you cant cash your husbands check anymore becasue he is not with you...even tho you have been doing it for 15 years!!!! That didnt go over well with me so I told her she could cash the check or she could go close all 4 of my accounts & give me all of my money. Another person came and cashed my check then!

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