Cookies, anyone?

My daughter's mother (me) is selling Girl Scout Cookies. Yep, it's that time again & really at the Daisy level it's the parents doing the selling. She does ask my parents and our friends but I do the majority of the asking. Luckily these things sell themselves. I have gotten a little flak about the $4/box price but for the most part people love these cookies. You know "when I was a kid they were $1 a box."

We had the 'cookie kick-off' on Saturday - a little pep rally type thing for the girls. A lovely idea but the main presenter was a real downer talking about the poor economy and how it might be hard to sell them & we needed to give them reasons why they needed to buy them, etc. Really! The Daisys and Brownies looked confused as she babbled on. Yes, I should be running this show, too. Haha. No thanks, I'll just sell them...


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