Go Cards...

The Arizona Cardinals are 'this close' to going to the Super bowl. Yahoo! It has been a long, hard haul but they have finally made it this far. We have never been huge Cardinal fans but when in Rome... We are Rams and 49'ers fans but since Curt Warner was once a Ram and we now live in Arizona we are on board.
Luckily, the NFL realized that my daughter's birthday party is on Saturday so the Cards should play on Sunday. How very nice of them. Looking forward to a good game. The Eagles should be good competitors so it should be fun to watch. Maybe some good football food is in order for Sunday. Nachos, anyone?

Little Miss will be 7 on Saturday. She requested her 'theme' to be 'The Dog'. I jumped at this right away because I was dreading the Hannah Montana or High School Musical theme. We are going to have the party at the house with some friends. We'll have pizza and a craft and the kids can play. Pretty low key. We got her a scooter and new helmet. She has been asking for a scooter forever so I think she'll be surprised.
Speaking of the dog. Our little pup, who will be 16 this year, is now using the house as her potty. Yes, it's like having a baby again without the diapers. Poor dear. I have a call in to the vet to see if he has a different medication to help with this situation. I don't know how much longer we have with her. Is this a sign? I am going to try to get her in for a bath tomorrow, too. The vet just called. Bath on Wed. and I pick up new meds today.
Due to the above situation I need to be cleaning the floor and not blogging so off I go. Luckily, we have more tile than carpet...


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