• does Starbucks coffee taste so much better when purchased already brewed at Starbucks than it does when I brew it at home (Starbucks brand)?
  • can I not seem to keep a white shirt clean? In 2 days I have worn and gotten dirty 3 white shirts (dirty as in I needed to pretreat them before washing them). Yesterday's shirt got dirty when the dog fell out of the back of the car (poor dear, she is fine) into a puddle after getting a bath. Lovely. Today's shirts got dirty with coffee (home brewed Starbucks, see above) and the cheese mixture from Aunt Annie's shells and cheese.
  • are bakery cookies so expensive? I took Little Miss to order her birthday cake today and pick up some cookies to take to school for her birthday tomorrow. She has 27 kids in her class (don't get me started on that) so I would have to get 3 dozen cookies at $5 a pop. Not likely, so we are now the proud owners of 'gingerbread donut holes' purchased for $6. Still way too much but better. I just wasn't with it enough this week to make cookies for class. Next year I will freeze some Christmas cookies to use for this. I bet they have never had donut holes for a birthday celebration.
  • do I tell people "I will be home all day Thursday"? The phone rang off the hook. Thank goodness for caller ID. :)
  • do people think it's just ok to spend your time at the park texting and talking on the phone while your toddler plays and other moms tend him/her?
  • am I not 25 and single so I can stalk David Cook since he broke up with Kimberly Caldwell? (A joke - I would never want to be single and dating again and I love my husband. But DC is a cutie. And I would never stalk anyone. Really.)
  • am I so much more productive when the internet is down? Don't answer that. Our internet was down for a day and a half. I got soooo much done. It ended up being a problem outside somewhere. I did not break it as my husband suggested. :)

Just some observations from my life lately...


Europafox said…
So true about the white shirts! Made me laugh about the Mums texting in the play areas - crazy. Happy New Year!

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