Let the games begin...

Tomorrow Little Miss goes back to school. That doesn't bother me TOO much, although I do wish Christmas vacation was a little longer. What makes everything crazy is all the other things that go with going back to school. Namely, the extra curricular activities (she didn't sign up for these things herself, I know). I have just really enjoyed having very little scheduled for the last couple of weeks. We could do what we wanted when we wanted for the most part. OK, back to real life now. Tomorrow we are back to CCD and hockey. We get home about 6:15'ish after the day's activities to have dinner, do homework and get ready to do it all again (some of it anyway) on Tuesday. Ditto for the rest of the week. Sound familiar?? I shouldn't complain. I am glad we are able to do everything and that we have the resources to get too and from activities safely, that my daughter is healthy enough to play hockey, our church has such a wonderful religious ed program, etc. I just need to wrap my head around it all again after our little break.

I got 2 new CD's for Christmas. Am I the only one who still gets CD's? Are we the only family without an Ipod?? Remember Darius Rucker, the voice behind Hootie and the Blowfish back in the day? I was thrilled to see he had a new album (yes, that term certainly dates me!) And he is now a country artist. Who knew? It's a great album and I love his distinct voice.
And I also go this one. LOVE IT!! Love David Cook... Oh, to be 25 and single again... and the music is good. I liked him on Idol but I wondered if his music would be too 'hard' for me. I don't think so- I like it.

So if you are in the market for some new tunes this new year check these out.
And speaking of American Idol - it starts again on Jan 13. So I tell my husband, 'please don't let me watch the tryouts-no, don't let me watch it until the top 6.' I get too attached to these singers and I can't let it go when America gets it wrong (like Chris Daughtry and Michael Johns). Plus, it is such a time zapper. So, I add to my resoulitions: NO AMERICAN IDOL until the top 6 - unless David Cook is performing, of course. But only to watch him...


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