Well, this hardly ever happens...

I called the phone company today to see about getting wireless internet here at home. I was expecting a big jump in the bill but instead the service rep informed me that we have been overcharged for the last 16 months to the tune of $95 and would see a credit on next month's bill. Yippee. And the wireless is available, they would send us a new 'box' (I know that is not the technical term) and there would be no extra charge for it, our current service covers wireless once we have the new box. Wow.
The first day back to school went of without a hitch. I think Little Miss is happy to be back amongst her friends. There was no hockey today - we start a new session on Thursday so we had no practice today. So after CCD we got to come home. Today was my day to drive the kids to CCD - four of them. I have to admit that having four 6 year olds in the car makes me appreciate the quietness of having one child. :) They are good kids, just a bit noisy when cooped up in the SUV. It is only a 5 minute drive to church so I try to pay attention to the road and David Cook and tune out the screeches and chatter in the back rows.
Tomorrow entails a drop off at school, a drop off at the library to return books and a drop off at the Goodwill to donate a few bags of stuff. Oh, and a stint on the treadmill. Is it too much to wish for some fat to 'drop off'?


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