Simple Salsa...

I have recently started making my own salsa thanks to a friend who made it for my husband's birthday party. I watched her make it one weekend and thought "I can do that!" It is soooooo much better than even the best jarred, bottled, containered salsa you can buy at the store and you can just taste the freshness.

2 tomatoes (regular old tomatoes - use 5 or 6 if you are using romas.)

1/4 - 1/2 onion

handful of fresh cilantro (to taste)

handful of banana peppers (in the jar) with a little of the juice added

salt to taste

Chop the ingredients to desired size, mix together and you're done. You can add or subtract the amounts of the ingredients to taste.

It is the yummiest! The other benefit is that I find the chopping process theraputic. I try to make it when I have to time to enjoy chopping. And like with anything homemade it's a nice feeling to serve something healthy to your family and friends.

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