Feeling old?

This morning I was waiting for Little Miss to go into the classroom and some of her classmates were talking about how old their moms are. You can probably see where this is going.
'C': "My mom is 28."
'A': "My mom is 28, too."
'J': "My mom is 32."
Little Miss (to me): "How old are you mom?"
Me: "Older than them."
My friend was standing listening to this also and she says to me "Well, I guess I am the oldest." (Bless her, you see why she is my friend.)
Me: "You know I have you beat."
28!?!? Yes, I felt old. I guess I should let Little Miss know how old I am, don't you think?


Laurie Anne said…
I've got Sam convinced I'm 16 :0) But I know how you feel. I think I saw my first age spot today. Yikes :0)

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