Concert recap...

Last night my husband and I went to see David Cook in concert. I would highly recommend going to one of his concerts if you remotely like him. He puts on a great show. He and his band were probably on stage for an hour and 15 minutes or so. They had an opening act, The Crash Kings, who were also really good. Below are a few photos. Not the greatest. I clearly didn't miss my calling as a photographer.
This one was a bit dark but fairly clear. We were in the 13th row, center. Really great seats and as an added bonus we were on the end which meant I could get up and dance around in the aisle.
Closer up but a little more blurry but all in all, not bad. We didn't get to meet David even with my little plan to have my husband wear his Southeast Missouri State t-shirt. David and my husband are both from Missouri so I thought he might notice him and start talking about 'home'. As it turns out, row 13 is good for watching a show just not good for reading t-shirts in the dark. My husband did catch the attention of 2 women who were from Missouri. Not quite what I had planned.

This one's pretty blurry but you get the idea. We were sitting in front of the drummers grandmother (who also chatted up my husband). We had a really nice conversation with her after the show and probably could have weaseled our way to David through her but decided that wasn't such a nice thing to do.

There were 2 monitors on either side of the stage which was nice for close ups. I am really glad we made the trek to see him (it was my birthday present - a little early). He sang my favorite songs, talked to the crowd a bit and seem genuinely appreciative of his fans. It was very cool when the Crash Kings were playing that he came out to watch them from the side of the stage.
The concert was at the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival. If you are ever in that neck of the woods during fair time it is a fun way to spend some time. They have all the usual 'festivally' kind of things. All the meat on a stick your heart could desire. Pickles on a stick, too. A cotton candy castle. And heavenly funnel cakes. Plus, they have the beer/wine/liquor garden thing down. You name it, they could make it. Last night for dinner we had funnel cakes. Yum. Don't tell Little Miss though since I would never let her do that...


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