Monday, August 24, 2009

My dining room...

We don't technically have a dining room. It's more like a dining 'area'. Or you could call it an eat-in kitchen (a big eat-in kitchen). Just like pot shelves are popular in Arizona, dining rooms are not. I am not sure why. Even my friends who have big (5000 sq ft +) homes don't have formal dining rooms. I guess it's an Arizona thing. We actually used ours in our old houses. Our small townhouse in Virginia had a formal dining room. So did our house in NC. I miss it. The window to the left of the table with the oh-so-lovely vertical blinds (I know we need to get rid of those) is a sliding glass door leading out side. There used to be a 'pony' wall (hate 'em) right under the light switch between the two windows. It was a happy, happy day when my husband knocked that down!
The curtains are 'faux silk' Martha Stewart (I spared no expense - haha). I actually like them since they are machine washable and were a fraction of the cost of the real silk ones I had my eye on. The 2 frames on the wall to the left hold a drawing of my great grandparent's house (top) and the sheet music to 'Unforgettable', the song we danced to at our wedding. The 2 frames on the wine rack hold a list of 10 reasons for each letter of the alphabet why my husband loves me. He gave it to me for our tenth anniversary. Very sweet.
The wall is painted 'China Blue' (Benjamin Moore) - love it! On the wall is my Thomas Kincade painting. Love it even more. I dream of having a little cabin like that one day. The round glass piece under the vase is a lazy susan. Love that, too!
Again, comments and suggestions are welcome. But this is probably my favorite 'room' in my house so I am not sure I want to change anything (except maybe the size).
The Mrs. posted her dining room today, too. Go check it out!


Brie said...

oh my... just emailed you my comment instead of posting it - sorry about that! I love your dining room and look forward to seeing more :)

The Mrs. said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the color! So fascinating AZ has no dining rooms!!! Maybe they want you to be skinny! HA!

ASHLEY said...

VERY PRETTY!!!! i want to paint our dining room a pale, aqua blue!!! thanks for sharing!!! many blessings!!