Friday, August 28, 2009

This too shall pass...

We are going on day five of my husband having no tobacco. He is crabby. That's all I'll say. Crabby. This on top of the fact that it is health insurance renewal time and we received our new rates today. This always makes the hubby happy - I mean crabby. We could buy a small island with the amount we have spent on health insurance since we have been married (I am sure many of you can say the same). Let's just say that we will now be paying more per month than the monthly mortgage payment on our first house was. But health care reform will fix it all, just wait. (She says with much sarcasm and not meaning to offend.)

An update on the 2nd grade drama here. As I posted the other day, the mom of LM's friend P called me about a situation between the girls. Well, get this, my friend L called me yesterday afternoon and said that she saw P's mom in the morning before school (I didn't take LM to school that day) & P's mom told her 'everything' and then proceeded to ask L's son (who is in the same class w/ P & LM) if he would eat lunch with P. He always eats with her so he wasn't quite sure what was going on. Then, she asked another little girl in the class to eat with her and told P to go ask another girl to eat with her. The mom totally tried to get these other kids in the middle of this. So I have come to the conclusion that P's mom is crazy - and maybe needs to find something to do during the day.

As much as I think this is no big deal - kids need to learn how to work these things out on their own - it was an emotional day. I worried about how LM might be treated on Thursday. Of course, she is fine. She actually ate lunch with P and 2 other girls. And my husband wants to hear none of it since it is so terribly juvenile (agreed). And did I mention he is crabby?

The glass of wine has helped me though...

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