Are you ready for March?

I am certainly ready to usher out February 2010. Thank goodness it's not a leap year. I am not sure if I could take one more February day this year. Hopefully March will prove to be the 'lucky' month the leprechauns speaks about.

Update on the church retreat. It ended up not being so bad: Mass was shorter than normal (good thing with 30 + kids in attendance), we were seated with one of LM's very good friends and her family, the activities were pretty interactive and LM was one of the first to get to go to confession so we were out of there by 2. She did her confession 'face to face' which she thought was neat. Whatever makes her want to go again, I say. She did ask tonight why she had to go to CCD tomorrow since she was at church yesterday for 'like 7 hours'.

My husband is in a bit of a funk since the USA hockey team only won a silver medal today @ the Olympics. My take on it is that silver is pretty darn good. Second best in the world?

I'll take that..


Sarah said…
Glad church was shorter than anticipated!! My hubby was bummed with the silver too. I don't think it is a big deal :)

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