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I am joining Monica today for Make your home a haven. This week she was spotlighting chores and planning. Planning out your day the night before. Of course, it's a brilliant idea and not so hard to implement if you think about it.

I have never been much of a list maker. Other than a grocery list, I haven't done it. Until a year or so ago. I don't know if I am getting older and just need a reminder or if I just have so much going on. I used to remember EVERYTHING - no calendar needed - I would remember where to be on what day. Of course, I was younger then and didn't have a busy child to take to and fro. That's all changed so that meant I needed to change too. So I got a planner a couple of years ago and just recently started using the calendar in my cell phone to keep track of things as well.

The chore list seemed like the next logical thing to do since I was getting behind in my housework. The problem was that I was making my list in the morning. Mornings here usually start out quickly. Most days I don't have much quiet time before everyone gets going. My husband leaves for work at 6:30 so I have to get up earlier than that to have that time. It works great in the summer, when it's light out but this time of year I usually sleep until the alarm goes off and then some.

Monica's idea of making the list at night was a great one and I have to say that I was pretty productive this week. Perfect? No. But I got quite a bit done just by knowing that it's what I needed to do. Not everything got marked off the list and will carry over until the upcoming week (I do VERY little on the weekends since I am home all day during the week and that's when I do my housework. Other than making the beds and cleaning up the kitchen everything but emergencies can wait until Monday).

Next week will be pretty busy for me and I am counting on my nightly planning to keep me on track


Tina Leigh said…
I want a simple life again!! LOL! Yes I have a planner & LOVE my Blackberry....what would I do without these simple but life saving tools! bad am I? I showed up for work last MOnday for night shift.....I wasnt scheduled until the next night!! What a PAIN!!
Yeah! Great job for doing your planning at night - hope that was a help in your busy mornings!

Have a great weekend!

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