Menu planning...

One thing I am trying to do better this year is menu planning. I do it pretty casually, I'd say. Monday morning I write down on a sheet of paper what I plan on cooking that week based on what I have in the house. Kind of backwards really (unless the goal is to eat from the pantry like we did in January). Then if I am missing something I will run to the store. I usually shop once a week and then sometimes need one more run to the store for milk & other perishables. I would LOVE to be one of those people who goes to the grocery store once ever 2 weeks. Do any of you go to the grocery every 2 weeks? I'd love to hear any tips on how to do that consistently. I am sure it's pretty easy to do but I find myself heading back out because I have forgotten something (even with a list I forget at least one thing).

We were at a party on Saturday night and some of us ladies were talking about grocery shopping (who would have thought that this would be our topic of conversation at a party way back when). The hostess told us how she does it: On Saturday or Sunday she sits down and makes a list of what she wants to cook for the upcoming week. Then she makes a list of what she needs to prepare these meals. Then she makes a list of what she needs to buy that week and puts everything on her list in the order of her grocery store ( I do that, too.) Monday morning she heads out to shop. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? So I think I'll give that a whirl and see what happens.

This week I have planned the following:

  • Monday- tri tip sandwiches (meat left over from Sunday), veggie platter, chips, pudding

  • Tuesday-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes (potatoes 68 cents for a 5 lb bag!), veggies

  • Wednesday-Spaghetti with Bratwurst (leftover Bratwurst from last week), salad

  • Thursday-sandwiches from Subway - hockey night

  • Friday-Breakfast (one of my favorites)-eggs, sausage, fruit, whole wheat toast

  • Saturday-Quesadillas, salad

  • Sunday- Super Bowl (Go Colts!) - something casual which my husband will decide but hasn't done yet.

Other than having to get some fresh fruit & veg later in the week and the super bowl food I have everything I need to this week's menu.


alice said…
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Tina Leigh said…
I hate spam dear old Alice!
About your last post...I am just glad that it's not just my husband & I that are noticing these things! It drives me nuts! And it is every single time I go to a buisness!! ARGH!! So I feel your pain girl!

I have been menu planning more around the meat I have in the freezer...the game meat. I think menu planning helps on food cost! So how ever you do it...that is good. We only have a walmart & Harvey's to buy groceries & Harvey's has a sale on wednesdays. If I dont go, my mama will & pick up the sales items.

I had a Sam's card once but the stores are 100 miles away (no joke) & I found that it wasnt much of a bargain at all.
Your menu looks great!! Set a place for me!
debra said…
Yes, I hate spam comments too. Why do people do that, I wonder?

Our closest Sam's club is about 50 miles away and we go back and forth as to whether or not we should join but I just don't think it would save us much. Especially since there are only 3 of us.

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