'We didn't have no internet...

but man I never will forget

the way the moonlight shined upon her hair.

All Summer Long

~Kid Rock

Our internet has been working sporadically for about a week and TOTALLY down since Thursday. Thursday. Thankfully we were out of town on Sat and Sun so it didn't seem quite so painful. After hours on the phone and/or hold with our provider it FINALLY got fixed this afternoon. Happy Day. I never realize how dependent I am on the internet until it goes out. (Like when LM asks the definition of a word and says, 'I'll google it' and I have to say 'No, let me introduce you to this - it's called a dictionary. It should be your friend.')

While I feel lost not being able to do my banking on line, pay my bills on line, check the weather, make reservations, check my email or read blogs (most importantly) when our internet is down at the same time I feel such a lightness knowing that I just can't do it and those things will have to wait, and I'll have to pull out the checkbook and stamps and pay the bills the old fashioned way. No lure of the internet to keep me from reading or playing.

Last night we had fireworks (our town hosts some sort of pyrotechnics thing each year on President's weekend.). LM decided she wanted to watch them, so she got her little camp chair and a blanket out and sat in the driveway watching them. I was finishing cleaning up after dinner so I didn't go out right away. She looked so cute sitting there with her blanket in the dark. I got my chair out and sat next to her under the same blanket. I am probably the only person I know who doesn't really like watching fire works. A few are okay but after awhile I'm done.

Today there was no school so after an hour on the phone with the internet folks we headed out to pick up LM's girl scout cookies. We sorted them and they are ready for delivery - that's the part I don't like. But hopefully they'll all be delivered and paid for by Thursday. Then it's time for the cookie booths. OK,that's really the part I dislike. But everyone loves girl scout cookies and the girls are so cute so it's pretty easy to sell them. I have signed up to help three times at the cookie booth. There's some reward for that at the end of the line, I am sure of it.

I hate to mention our weather as so many of you are digging out of the snow. It has been beautiful here for about a week. LM has been outside most of the day which I love for so many reasons. It's like 'summertime in Northern Michigan' .


Anonymous said…
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Tina Leigh said…
I didnt have internet for months!!! It was terrible!! Living in the country can be a pain sometimes but thankfully we have internet now!

Girl scout cookies....I would be my best customer!!!!
The Mrs. said…
I can barely function without internet. Feel like i need an intervention!!! LOL.

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