Sea World, here I come...

Thanks to all of you who responded to my post about letting LM go to Sea World. After much thought and discussion I have decided to let her go BUT I will be going as well. My husband & I would feel better being in San Diego, just in case. I won't stalk the troop but I will be close by. There are a couple of other parents who I am sure will be doing the same thing. I have never been to San Diego so I am sure I will have a lovely time. I hear they have a nice Nordstrom there so you'll know where to find me. Of course, the leader may change her mind & let us join in if other parents will be in town as well.

I think it's nice that she wants the girls to explore things on their own without mom or dad hovering but there's plenty of time for that. The day will come when they won't want us around and I dread that. So, I'd like to enjoy this time while I can, when the kids want to have us around and show us things from their perspective.

Thanks again for all the advice!!


I think you're making a really good decision. Bravo!
Tina Leigh said…
Good for you!! Smart mama you are!! But watch out for those killer whales! Can you beleive that! I thought of you & your daughter when I heard that story too.

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