"Who's Tiffany?"

LM got her ears pierced back in December. She wore the starter earrings for a month or so and then my dad got her another pair of 14k gold earrings. She also got some sterling silver earrings for Christmas from a friend. She asked to wear those the other day and since they were sterling we said okay. Well, this afternoon she asked to clean her ears and I noticed one of the earrings looked like it was pushed into the hole and it was a little red. After much drama my husband got the earring out and the ear was infected. The earring itself looked like the post was pitted or something. So we're not sure if the earrings really weren't sterling or if she just can't wear sterling.

Jokingly I said to her, 'it looks like it's Tiffany for you from now on."

My husband shot me the stink eye. LM said, "Who's Tiffany?"

Oh, I have a long way to go with her. :)

She has just been full of funny tonight. She has a friend in her class named Sam (a girl). I asked her if the little girl that meets Sam after class each day is her sister.

LM: "I don't know if they are sisters. They don't get along alot so I think they are sisters. Well, I think they're really cousins. Kind of a cross between sisters and cousins. "

OF COURSE they are.

Then I asked her if she would fight with her sister if she had one.

LM: "I would only want a sister if it was a baby brother."



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