Tonight is the last presidential debate. I am interested in watching it and I hope it is a real debate and not just an opportunity to blame the other guy. I can only imagine how hard it is for these men to debate and not blame. But don't you want to know just exactly WHAT they will do as president?? I have to say that I am not quite sure on either side. I know that the things Sen. Obama wants to do are against what I believe (ie. 'universal healthcare', taxing the 'rich', etc.) and I hope that Sen. McCain can get across his plans & ideas clearly. Oh, and don't you just hope they can actually really answer a question they are asked? That is the one thing about most politicians - they don't answer the questions. How many of us would keep our jobs doing that??
Only 3 weeks and this election is over...


Lisa said…
I just love me some right minded people like yourself!

I am praying that Mr McCain will take Mr O to task. WE really need him to get it going! Time is a wastin! NO Illegal voting? Cmon people!

coastal nest
Joji said…
I find that the whole process is just one big dog and pony show. With things the way they are now, we need somone who can really lead and bring America back together. I'm tired of us vs them.
Tonight I want to hear what they truly believe is best for the whole country and how they will make that happen.
I know, that is asking a lot :0)

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