The party's over...

Literally. My husband's birthday party was on Saturnday night. It was a fun, casual time. I was a little worried we wouldn't have a good turn out since a few people who said they were coming couldn't make it due to illness. But it ended up being a great time with fun friends. My husband had fun and that's what matters.

I didn't go too crazy with the cruel 'over the hill' related decorations. I did have black and silver balloons which looked nice. Having a birthday so close to Halloween means the real 'bargains' in paper goods are either black or orange. So I usually switch it out. Plus, I am the queen of re-using things so black is pretty versatile.

My husband's actual birthday is the 29th but he claims he already feels older. ha. I never really felt that way at 40. But he says he can notice a difference. It may be that he has started playing hockey 3 nights a week now and his muscles and bones aren't quite used to it yet. :)

I have mentioned that lots of folks here are sick. Normally, I would chalk it up to the beginning of cold and flu season. But it is still in the 90's here. Supposed to be 93 today - yes, you read that correctly - ninety-three degrees! I wonder if people are sick because it is just too stinkin' hot to kill any germs. Oh, please send some colder (but not too cold, of course) air this way.

My daughter has CCD today so I have a couple of extra hours at home today. My friend is taking her to church with her daughter which is nice. November is my month to drive so I'll still have some time after I drop off the girls. We leave church and go right to hockey and then home for a quick dinner and homework. Tomorrow is Daisy scouts - another day I have a couple extra hours since they meet at school. Wednesday is our 'free' day. Thursday is hockey & then church play practice. That's the day Little Miss eats her dinner on the run, in the car. I have been putting a sandwich and fruit in a small cooler for her to eat on the way to church. Friday is Halloween and there's a little girl here who is very excited. We aren't exactly sure what we'll do but rest assured there will be plenty of candy in our house on Friday evening.

My mom took my daughter to a little fall fun fair on Saturday. They have booths and games with candy for prizes. And of course, there is the little booth that has goldfish. Last year's goldfish lived for about a month. So I told Little Miss before she left on Sat. that I would prefer if she didn't get a fish this year. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Little Miss: Why can't I get a fish?

Me: We are going out of town for Thanksgiving and Montana is going to the kennel and they don't take fish.

LM: Oh. Well if the fish dies before then Ross (my uncle who passed away) can watch her in heaven.

As you can imagine, I had no response to that.

And, yes, we are the proud owners of a new fish...


Laurie Anne said…
Glad to hear your hubby's party went well. Isn't it nice after all the work to finally be able to enjoy it :0)

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