Ready or not...

It's just about Halloween. Above is the cute page I made yesterday at my stamp club. It's hard to see the top that says 'spooky'. I just love this page. Love the colors and patterned paper.
I wish that my daughter had a more spooky costume this year. She will be Sharpay the golfer (photo to the left) - not too spooky.
The school is having a pumpkin carving contest which Little Miss would like to enter. I will look for a pumpkin for her tomorrow. We will carve it tomorrow night and I pray that it will still be presentable by Friday when we take it to school. Each class picks one pumpkin to enter into the contest at the Fall Festival on Friday night.
My husband & I generally don't dress up for Halloween. I do have a Halloween t-shirt I will wear to show a bit of spirit. The last time my husband dressed up he was Bill Clinton (complete w/ mask) and I just don't want to go there again. That was before kids. I was a hockey player last time I dressed up. Quite cute, I must say.
I am still on this cleaning mission for Saturday's party so I am off to find the mop...


Sarah said…
What a cute scrapbook page! Very cute. Let us know how the pumpkin carving turns out. I can't wait to see pictures.

I just started a blog

Come by and visit:)

Laurie Anne said…
I know what you mean about costumes. Every year, our friends have a party and it is always so hard to come up with costumes. This year we were Sarah Palin and Joe Sixpack. Maybe it is me, but Halloween seems so low key this year. My kids still haven't decided what they want to be.
Good luck on cleaning the house. That was one of the reasons to have Joji's party somewhere else, no cleaning.

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