Well, I finally got the Cutest Blog on the Block template to work. Yippee. I am so glad as the old green template was kind of irritating. This is a bit more soothing.

Little Miss is off to school today after a week long fall break. She didn't want to go to school today since she thought she would miss me. Very sweet. We had a fun week and she was so good - even without alot of other kids to play with. She got straight A's on her report card (if I mentioned that already, I apologize) so this Friday she will get to have donuts with the principal along with the other kids who got straight A's. I think it is nice (although not necessary) to acknowledge the kids since they do work hard to get good grades. I only wish they didn't have donuts. But I guess 'Oatmeal with Mr. Davis' doesn't have the same ring to it as 'Donuts with Mr. Davis'. I bet there wouldn't be as many kids striving for A's either. :)

My husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Sat (the 11th). My daughter stayed overnight with my parents and we went out to eat. We talked about going out of town for the night but decided to stick close to home, relax and save some $$$. We tried a new Italian restaraunt in town and it was great. Really small, nice atmosphere and yummy food.

We are finally having some fall like weather. It cooled off on Friday a bit and then yesterday was just down right chilly. But we don't want to get too used to it yet as it will be in the 90's again by Friday. So I won't get the winter clothes out just yet.

My daughter starts hockey today. Roller hockey. I think she is excited but her schedule is going to be crazy now. I am sorry that we won't have as much down time. She has CCD today until 4:30 and then hockey at 6. It is just the first meeting/practice so her day may change. Last year they practiced on Tues and Thurs. And hopefully they will practice earlier than 6. I am not sure if they will practice 2 days this year or not since they will not be travelling. She has Daisy Girl Scouts every other Tuesday and church play practice on Thursdays. It could potentially be really crazy. I can't imagine having more than one child to schedule. I guess if there were more kids each of them would just do less.

I am off to do some work and maybe clean this office. It is really getting bad (again). I didn't get in here much last week except during the evening and I wasn't in the mood to clean at night after working on paper work for a couple hours. I definitely am a morning person..


*carrie* said…

Happy belated anniversary, and cute new blog design!
Laurie Anne said…
Congrats on 11 years. Sounds like you guys had a nice time.
Love the new blog look. That site has the cutest stuff. Thanks for sharing the link :0)

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