Is that Elvis Purse-ly?

I was wearing my new Donny Osmond t-shirt yesterday when I went to pick my daughter up from Daisy Scouts. It is black w/ a silhouette of Donny. One of the little girls in the troop said "I love your shirt. Is that the singer Elvis Purse-ly?" Too cute!

I worked on the invitations for my husband's 40th birthday party yesterday while at my Tuesday scrapbooking day. I just have to fill in the details and make a nice note on the bottom that it is adults only. :) We have done the kids before and it's just too crazy. My daughter doesn't get to bed anywhere near on time and it's just chaos. I think the parents end up having a better time too. We'll see how it works. So far I haven't had anyone balk about it.
I started a 3 day detox today. It is a plan I got from Body & Soul magazine a year or so ago. I try to do it every 3 or 4 months. It is long overdue right now. I feel horrible - guess that's what all that candy corn does to you. It basically takes all dairy, bread and processed foods out of your diet for that time. I will eat 3 meals and 2 snacks - all whole foods- so I don't feel like I am starving. I will say though that I am glad it's only 3 days.
Today I am trying to catch up on some things. Ironically, blogging is not one of them but here I am! Today and tomorrow are my last 2 days alone before fall break. I guess I'd better get moving...


Laurie Anne said…
Those cards are so cute. Joji turns 40th this month and I can't wait for it. I can't blog about it (he reads the blog) and it is killing me. It is going to be such a great birthday for him.
I think it is wise to have grown ups only. I think everyone can relax that way and focus on having a good time. Good luck with all the planning.
ASHLEY said…
DONNY OSMOND TEE-SHIRT!!!!????? where and how do i get one of those coveted babies? please, do tell!!! you know i love the donster. blessings!
ASHLEY said…
ok. i kept reading down on your blog...i'm not up on my reading assignments due to surgery. i'm jealous that you went to see them. have a great week! blessings!

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