New look...

Well, I have wanted a new look for my blog and have looked around and this will work for now. I want a 'free' change of course. I went to The Cutest Blog on the Block & they have really cute backgrounds but I have a headache trying to do it and I have given up for now. I know I am doing something wrong - just haven't figured out what. So for now I will live with this and maybe re-visit this at another time.

I have thanked my husband for giving me his cold. I don't think it's going to be too bad - I am at the 'blowing your nose a hundred times an hour' stage which is my least favorite. This could also explain the headache I have. My husband got it pretty bad but he seems to be on the mend now. Thanks to the cold I was up at 4:30 today. I am not tired yet but I know it will hit me soon. Probably at dinner or some other inopportune time.

Since I was up at 4:30 I got the OJ verdict news bright and early. I have to say that the first trial (when he was accused of killing his ex-wife & Ron Goldman) was seriously botched and there was nothing to really do but aquit him (my opinion) but if you don't believe in Karma yet, maybe this will be the turning point. Talk about finally getting your due justice. I feel so sorry for his kids.

My daughter had a friend from her class over to play today. They had fun and got along well so we will probably do it again. The little girl has a brother who is 6 years older so her weekends are similar to ours - looking for someone to play with. I am glad it worked out so well.

I did a little grocery shopping today. I went to Safeway where I hadn't been in about a month. I was stunned at how much their prices have gone up. It is just awful. I seriously need to try to start a garden. It is hard in our climate but some things will grow with some TLC. I have a lot of basil in a pot which I will freeze but I have a long way to go. Even if I can't have a garden I could can some things at the height of the season (read:inexpensive and fresh). The problem is that even at the height of our season the stuff in the grocery store is bad - I mean really bad. And that's in the summer; the winter is just downright sad. I always joke that the huge tomato trucks we see in I5 in CA are carrying the tomatoes that will be at our store & they are on the VERY BOTTOM of the load. I haven't had a really good tomato in 9 years since we left NC.

I need to feed the dog before I head out to dinner...


Lisa said…
hey girlfriend!
Thanks for the birthday wishes, so sweet. I appreciate it, and you!

I remember when I was doing cutest blog for the first time, you have to make sure that your blog is on a certain type of style, not sure without going back and re reading, but maybe you have your blog set to the wrong type at blogger. Irritating and hard to try something new and not have it go right, I know how you feel. Ill go back and try and figure out what Im saying and report back....

age is against me!!
love ya!!
and your mccain palin sidebar banner thingy..Id like one, whered you get that???
coastal nest
Europafox said…
I didn't know the life'd little instruction book did a calender (I've been looking at your previous post!) - I love those books and bought vol 1 and 2 15 years ago in California! Are there any further volumes do you know?
debra said…

I got the McCain Palin banner from Then I went to the 'store' and just copied & saved the picture (I think it was one of the yard signs) and then put in on the sidebar. Much easier for me than the Cutest Blog deal - haha.
Have a good one.
debra said…
I am not sure if there are any other volumes of the book - I only have volume 2. The calendar is the one that you pull a page off each day. Those come out every year I think - I have been getting them for years. I am sure you can get it at Amazon or Barnes & Nobel.
Have a great day. :)
Catholic Runner said…
I had the same probably trying to figure out how to add "the cutest blog" backgrounds. If you add a gadget(the html gadget) to your right side. Copy the code into that gadget and your background should show up. You may need to change your current background to the basic background because current header probably won't look right.
Catholic Runner said…
sorry that should have said problem not probably.

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