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We carved our pumpkin last night. When I say 'we' I mean my husband carved and Little Miss and I dug out the pumpkin seeds. I love the way the pumpkin turned out. We got one of those little kits you can get at Kmart or Walmart that has the templates to trace your design. Whoever thought up that idea is brilliant. I remember many years that I had to use a toothpick (or 2) to keep the pumkin's teeth in. And this is the 3rd or 4th year we have used the kit since there are many templates to choose from. $4 well spent.

Tomorrow night is the big night. We are heading to our church for 'trunk or treat'. I don't know if that's something that they do in other parts of the country or not but people fill their trunks with candy and hand it
out to the kids - mostly in church parking lots. Our church has a really good trunk or treat and this year they are adding games booths for the kids. Our town puts on a trick or treat event on our Main Street but we have never been as it is much more crowded. We aren't big crowd people so we like the smallness of the church. Plus, from what I have heard, downtown attracts the older, more rowdy kids.

My daughter's school is also having a 'hoedown' tomorrow afternoon. It is basically a Halloween party without the costumes. After the hoedown all the kids head back to the class rooms for a sugar fest, I mean snacks.

Tonight was Christmas Play practice for Little Miss. She did really well. She is the Angel Gabriel. She doesn't know all her lines by heart but is almost there. I stayed for the entire practice this week which was fun. She is certainly not afraid to be up on stage.

When we arrived home there was a message on the machine from someone wanting me to vote for Prop 102 (an amendment to the state constitution that would say marriage is between one man and one woman). Little Miss asked who the message was from and I tried to explain it. It went something like this:

Little Miss: "Who was on the phone?"

Me: "It was a message asking me to vote for Prop 102 about marriage."

LM: "Jack (a friend in her class) and I are going to get married."

Me: "Well, you need to finish high school and college first."

LM: "I am going to pregnant college."

Me: "What is pregnant college?"

LM: "It's where you have a baby."

Me: "No, you go to college, then get married, then have a baby."

LM: "Oh, I will have a baby while I am in college."

Me: "No (I repeated what I said above)"

LM: "And Jack and I are going to name our baby Boomer."

WHAT IN THE WORLD???? Someone please help me! Where in the world does this come from? The mom of a friend of hers just had a baby - maybe that's it. Why, at 6, is this so intriguing?


Live.Love.Eat said…
Hi there. Thanks so much for coming by and saying hello!!!!! You guys did amazing with that pumpkin. We have never done one but I keep hearing those kits are the way to go and I won't slice my finger off. Next year!!!!
Kellie said…
We do the template carving pumpking thing too -- I actually copy the pages so we can use them over and over again...

And I sympathize with your daughter's comment about having a baby too. My little one always talks about how she is having one baby -- just one -- and living here for the rest of her life. First she was marrying Daddy, now she announced she is marrying a boy in her class and got really red-faced when she did it. It was very cute. But I love how they come up with these ideas, don't you?

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