T A X I ! !

Yes, please give me a call if you need my services and I will fit you in. I have felt like a taxi cab the past few days. Thursday is a busy car day for me since I take to school and pick up (I car pool with a friend and this is the day I do both). Then we have hockey at 5, church play practice at 6. I stay at hockey but come home for the 1 1/2 hr play practice. It's a 5 minute drive to church but sometimes it feels longer. Monday is busy too but Thursday's a biggie for me. I know that all the other moms out there feel the same way (times 3 or 4 for some of you) & frankly I wouldn't change it for the world.

Today I worked at my husband's office since his secretary is on vacation. Lots of help I was - here's my day -
  • Drop kids at school
  • Stop at Starbucks (priorities!)
  • Stop at Staples and get some office supplies for hubby's office
  • Arrive at office about 9:25
  • Leave at 10:55 for daughter's 'no tardy picnic' (kids eat out on the grass if they have no tardies for the previous 9 weeks & parents join them)
  • Find out I need to be back at school at 12:45 for the honor roll assembly
  • Run home to get camera (5 minute drive, felt longer)
  • Back at school at 12:45
  • Meet husband for lunch at 1:20
  • Go back to office and work until 3
  • Run to bank to make deposit
  • Pick up Little Miss from nice car pool friend's house

So, in my husband's words, I worked for '6 minutes' today. :) I am not sure how much help I was but the day flew by. I work again on Monday but it's my stamp club day so I'll be gone for about an hour and a half. This is why I am so very thankful for my flexible work at home job. I am so very very blessed to be able to do all these fun things at this time in my life and still work a bit and be with Little Miss when I need to.

This weekend we are going to be busy finishing up some lingering house projects in preparation for my husband's 40th b-day party next Saturday. I am going to try to shop for the non-perishable food items on Sunday after church. Next Friday morning I'll try to get all the perishables. Let's hope I can find lots of what I need on sale. I am all for frugal fun. It looks like we will have about 20-25 people here. We decided on an 'adults only' get together and I think most folks are happy to get a sitter and have a fun adult's night. I have one friend who 'can't find' a sitter & I feel bad but I found out that she will only have 3 people look after her kids (ages 5 1/2 and almost 3) & has been offered the use of others' sitters (ours included) and declined. I understand that she only wants certain people to care for her kids but I feel bad that they won't be at the party as they are very good friends. I considered telling her to bring them along but I don't think that's fair to the others that are looking forward to being away from their kids. So, I will continue to feel bad but hope that something changes & they can make it.

I am off to cook some dinner (a little late but we had a late lunch and Little Miss had a snack at my friend's).


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