Fall Break...

Today was the first day of my daughter's fall break. It started out a little rough - I think she got up on the wrong side of the blow up mattress. We let her sleep in her playroom on the blowup mattress last night as a treat. She is not a morning person (gets that from her dad) so most mornings are a struggle at the beginning. Things, thankfully, got better as the day went on.

We had a parent teacher conference at 9 am. My mom came over to watch Little Miss (thank you) and I met my husband at school. It was a good conference. She got straight A's. The teacher says she is well behaved and that Little Miss gets visibly upset when other students interupt the learning time. I am thrilled she is doing well.

We went out to Walmart today (yes, I know I went last week, too). I needed a couple things and we had the time so off we went on our journey. They had these little bead kits - to make necklaces/bracelets - for $3.50. Quite the bargain but they were hidden on an end cap at the back of the craft aisle. We met my husband for lunch and then got gas , a car wash and went to the library for a while. I really like our library. We know all the ladies in the kid's section and since my daughter is well behaved in there (read: she whispers and doesn't run) they like us. We always come home with tons of books and a video or two. It is always a fun afternoon in there. So much for the kids to do and I get to read for a few minutes too.

Last night were the tryouts for my daughter's Christmas play at church. She got the part of the Angel Gabriel. I think she is excited - it's a decent sized part. She wanted to be Mary but an older girl got it. I told her that next year she could try out for Mary.

Well, I should be headed for bed soon. I got up at 3 am. Yes, I did. I woke up and heard this clomping in the playroom - it was the dog. What dog is up at 3 am?? I didn't want to shut the door since Little Miss was sleeping in there. So the dog just kept walking in and out of the room. Of course, no one woke up but me. My husband has a cold and was snoring like crazy - I am sure you heard it. Needless to say, I couldn't get back to sleep so I went out to the couch, turned on the TV and flipped from Fox Business to Lifetime for 2 hours. I spent most of the time on Lifetime watching "Trophy Wife" with Brooke Burns (of 'Dog Eat Dog' fame). Typical Lifetime movie - it was pretty good. I wonder what's on tonight.

My husband & I watched "The Ex-list" tonight. It's a new show on CBS. It was really cute. I am looking forward to seeing it next week. Try to catch it if you missed it tonight.

Tomorrow we might have a little friend over and Sunday my daughter has a birthday party to go to. We'll fill in the rest of the time with various house/errand type of things. It may actually rain here tonight. The last rain we had was around Labor Day - amazing, isn't it? It is 'only' supposed to be 88 tomorrow. Can't wait for it to cool off a little and start feeling like (an Arizona) fall...


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