Happy Homemaker Monday...

On my bedside Table: June's 'Good Housekeeping'. (I finished 'Firefly Lane' by Kristin Hannah - it's really good. I highly recommend it.)

On My TV: Nothing now

On the menu for tonight: Quesadillas & salad

On my to do list: work on spring cleaning, change sheets, wash sheets & towels

New recipe I tried last week: none

In the craft basket: teacher's gifts

Looking forward to: Helping in Little Misses CCD class - they are making rosaries.

Homemaking tip this week: With summer coming and the heat along with it, I find I can keep the house cooler if I do my baking in the early morning & run the dishwasher overnight.

Favorite blog post of the week: Sarah's post. It actually was a post from the week before last but I read it for the first time last week & it is so wonderful I thought it worth mentioning. Take a look - she has a great blog!

Favorite photo of the week: none

Lesson learned from the last few days: Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

On my prayer list: My cousin & my dad who had their first Mother's Day without their moms (who were sisters).

Devotional, scripture reading, key verse:

Job 31:6 - Let me be weighed on honest scales; that God may know my integrity.

Join Sandra @Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


What a lovely list and I never thought of making a rosary and how easy that would be with all the wonderful beads that are out there in the crafty world.

Happy Homemaker Monday
The Raggedy Girl
Sandra said…
Great list, I enjoyed reading it :)

I agree with Roberta Anne, the rosary sounds like such a great idea.
Pamela said…
I enjoyed reading your list - I know how hard it is to have Mother's Day celebrated around you when your mother is gone - I'm in the same position. I just take the day to cherish fond memories and thank her silently for all she did and all she was to me.
Sarah said…
Well, now, thanks for linking back to my post. What a pleasant surprise! :) I am glad you enjoyed it and for once, I am trying to take a positive approach rather than my typical Eeyore personality - ha! :)

Enjoyed your post today. I'll be stopping back!

Take care and have a great evening!

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