A Slippery slope?

Little Miss had her friend 'M' over the other day to swim. They are best friends and 'M' is moving this summer to another state. 'M' is the first girl friend that LM has made on her own. Meaning, I was not friends w/ her mom first.

So, the girls get their swim suits on and head out the door. My husband says,'is that a tramp stamp on 'M's back?
'A what', I say?
'A tattoo on her lower back.' says my husband.
'Surely it's not. I'll check.' I say.

I go out with the girls and notice the tattoo. So I ask 'M' if it is a real tatoo. She assures me that it is one of the temporary ones. Thank goodness for that.

Even though it is temporary I still don't like it. Will she want a real one next? She's 7. Thankfully, LM didn't say anything to me and I am not even sure she noticed it. These kids are just growing up way too fast. And it's not really their fault most of the time. I mean, a 7 year old doesn't drive herself to the store to buy a temporary tatoo. I just keep wondering what the rush is to have these girls looking and acting (trying anyway) like women. There is plenty of time for that when they are older, much older. Not 7. Or 8. Or 9. I know I am old fashioned but I hope it pays off in the long run. It's just all too much...


Laurie Anne said…
The sadder part is that M wasn't the one who put it there. When I was teaching, we would have little girls come to school with tatoos on their chests (just like mommy)
Kids are kids, not mini grown ups.
Anonymous said…
My kids often get fake tattoos. They come with lollies or get handed out at fairs etc. The thing is, they invariably put them somewhere obvious, like on their forearm. The fact that that little girl's tattoo was on her lower back suggests that she has seen such a tattoo modelled by her mum or womeone else close to her.


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