School's out...

for the summer! Today was the last day of school. I think the kids are ready for it and I KNOW the moms are. All of my friends have said they are ready to have a more relaxed schedule and not have to run out of the house at the crack of dawn (well, 7:45 anyway) to get to school. We even thought it would be fun to stay in our pajamas well into the day. Yes, that sounds good. Little Miss has requested 'Mickey Mouse' pancakes for the first breakfast of summer vacation. Sounds good.

Being the only child and very social I need to find a good balance of keeping LM busy but not getting overscheduled and stressed out. She is generally not content to stay home every day like I am. She is good for a day and then is itching to get out (just like her dad). We are going to sign up for our summer reading program at the library. That is always a fun-filled time. They have story times, movies, games, etc. All at no cost which is right up my alley. I have also signed her up for tennis lessons. It's her first try and we'll see how she likes it. It's for five weeks, two days a week. And on Thursday mornings our new movie theater is showing kids movies for $5 for, get this, TEN movies. Again, right up my alley. I think that will keep us busy enough but, hopefully, not too busy.


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