Idol Recap-Top 3

Last night was the top 3- Adam, Danny & Kris. As you can imagine they all did really well. I am not sure that it matters at this point who wins, although Adam is clearly the judges' favorite and they did everything in their power to stress that point last night and sway the millions of voters to call in for Adam. So, if all the viewers followed their lead Adam will be in the finals.

I really like Adam. He has talent for sure and seems like a really nice person. I want to like his music. However, I don't see myself buying his music, ever. I am just not a hard rock type of girl.

Danny is more my style although I feel like all his music sounds the same. It's good, just all the same. But he has a really strong following and that could keep him going into the finals. I don't think he's a shoe-in though.

Kris is definitely the dark horse in this competition and he proves every week that he deserves to be here. His performance of the Kanye West song 'Heartless' was great. I don't think I have heard the original but my husband says it is totally different from what Kris did. Randy said it was better than the original. Quite a compliment. That performance kind of reminded me of last year when David Cook did Mariah Carey's 'Always be my baby'. I loved it when he did it but I hadn't hear Mariah's version. When I did hear her version I was astonished that it was the same song. Hated her version, loved his.

I think most people would say that the finals will include Adam and Danny but I am not so sure. They all deserve to be there and it's really anyone's game at this point. I think any of them would make a wonderful American Idol.

That being said, I think it is safe to unveil my favorite because I know that some of you are dying to know. haha So here you go. My favorite Idol this year is:


And that concludes the Idol recap for season 8 (thank heavens, right?) The finals should be a fun show for sure.


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