Would you like to buy a raffle ticket?

If you have read my blog more than once you know my dislike for fundraisers. Thankfully, I do not do this for a living. Our hockey league is selling raffle tickets ( they are raffling off a 50" LCD flatscreen TV). The proceeds will go towards paying off the cement for our hockey floor. Not doubting that it is a good cause.

Anyway, all the tickets didn't get sold by the players so it was decided that the kids would stand outside one of the grocery stores last night from 6-8 and sell the rest of the tickets. Luckily, my husband went with Little Miss. I had to draw the line somewhere. And this was it. I have done my time (really, it 'doing time' must be similar to standing outside in the 100 degree heat in your hockey jersey trying to sell tickets to people just trying to buy beer for the weekend). So when the car rolled up at 7:38 pm I tried to think positive - 'wow they sold the 300 tickets in record time'. NO, they sold 5 tickets. Ugh. My husband was not happy. Don't blame him.

Little Miss has a pool party/sleepover today/tonight. We drop her off at 11 am and pick her up at 11 am on Sunday. It's like a vacation! We are supposed to go out with friends for dinner tonight but their son threw up last night so it's up in the air. He probably is sick from standing out in his hockey jersey for 90 minutes in the 100 degree heat so hopefully all will be well when it's time to go out.


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