Shopping finds..

I made a trek to Marshall's today to see if this top was still there. I had it in my stack to try on a couple of weeks ago and when I was done trying almost everything in the store in my size I realized I forgot to try this on. Since I wasn't about to go back into the fitting rooms to try it on I decided to leave without it. Then I thought about it for 2 weeks. So back I went today with Little Miss in tow (my mom went, too). Luckily they still had it, I tried it on, it fit & looked cute so I got it. My husband even liked it.
I only recently discoverd "Vineyard Vines" and just love their things. It was a steal at $29.99.

The other reason for the shopping trip was to get Little Miss a bathing suit, a 'two-piecer' as she would say. She is one of the few girls in her group of friends who wears a 'one-piecer'. So since she is getting to the age where she likes to be like the other girls (it's too early for that, isn't it?) she has been asking for a bikini. Um, not gonna happen here at age 7. But my husband and I talked and decided that a tankini would be a nice compromise. Off we went today to pick out the two-piecer of her (kind of) dreams. Kohls had a great selection at 40% off (I question their 'sales' -I mean is anything ever NOT on sale -but the end price is usually good)- so she got a cute tankini for $24. It even has a little rhinestone etching on the front, left side of the bottoms. She is all about the rhinestones. She looked SO grown up in it!

After we hit Marshalls and Kohls we headed for Target. Our Target has a little eating place - you can get sandwiches, salads & Pizza Hut pan pizzas. In an effort to keep our eye on the shopping goal we ate at Target. Their California chicken salad is not so bad. After lunch we started shopping. Little Miss immediately let us know that a trip to Target is not complete without a visit to the toy department. Alrighty then. Ten excruciating minutes in toys it is.

Since a post by me would not be complete without a complaint I would like to mention that I am not happy that our Target has done away with most of its smaller bottles of detergent. I should have known something was up when my Purex Free & Clear in the convenient 50 oz size was on 'clearance' two weeks ago. Now they have these jumbo size bottles. Target people, if you are listening: Anything bigger than the 50 oz bottle does not fit in the cabinet above my washer & dryer, which is where I store my detergent. And I have little space on the floor in my laundry area. Luckily, after looking for a few minutes, I spotted a bottle of All free & clear 'small & mighty' - perfect.

Most people I know are thrilled with the larger sizes of products. Not Debra (of course!) Besides my parents, we are the only people I know that do not belong to Costco or Sam's Club - even my grandparents belong to Costco. I have even had people ask how we manage without belonging. We are a small family and we really don't consume alot. We don't drink sodas so we don't need jumbo cases and bottles of drinks, we don't eat a ton of processed food so we don't buy chips, mixes, etc., we don't use alot of paper towels (about a roll every 2-3 weeks), I use vinegar to clean so don't need gobs of bargain cleaning product packs. I do think we could fetch some bargains on meat but I am not going to join just for that. Our local grocery runs good sales on meat and I just keep my eyes open for them. And that's how we survive without Costco...


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