Parenting styles...

..or lack thereof.

This weekend we were out of town for the last hockey tournament this season. It is bittersweet since the tournaments are fun, we have a great group of kids and parents. I will miss seeing them. What I will not miss are the practices in the 100 degree weather. October will be here soon enough and we will start again.

I am constantly amazed at the behavior of the sibling of one of Little Misses teammates. Let's call him Eddie (as in Haskell). Eddie is 5 1/2. Old enough to know how to behave but young enough to still need some supervision. His dad, Mr Haskell, lets him run around like a wild animal, not reprimanding him once. Eddie climbs on anything he deems climbable, has selective hearing like you've never seen and barks orders at his dad. Mrs. Haskell does not come to the tournaments because she 'hates hockey' (the words of Eddie's brother, the hockey player). The other parents have noticed Eddie's behavior & Mr. Haskell's reaction (or non-reaction) and don't like at all. The other siblings of the players can behave themselves and don't cause any problems. Yesterday, Eddie spilled a soda in the 'player and coaches only' section of the rink. Mr Haskell was nowhere to be found. That's just one of his many antics over the past few days.

So, I am wondering, why are there some parents out there that don't see what their kids do & if they do see it, they think it's OK, or worse, cute? I happen to be good friends with Mrs. Haskell and we have known the boys since they were babies. I am dreading this summer because although I would like to see Mrs. H, I don't want to deal with the hellion child. Most of my friends have boys so I understand the 'boys will be boys' thing and this is way more than that. It's a total lack of discipline by the parents. I am old enough to know that no good will ever come of me saying something to Mrs. H - as long as I want to continue to be friends with her, & I do.

Has anyone else ever had to deal with this? Is there a good solution, other than a big glass of wine???


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