"I'd like a confident answer...

on who is bringing me home today", says Little Miss this morning. Alrighty then. Where does she get this stuff? (I carpool with another mom and we have a schedule for taking the kids to school but sometimes it changes and this week has been wacky for her so we've been taking it day by day.)

Last night was the American Idol top 4 results show. Allison went home. I was sad to see her go but honestly I would have been sad no matter who went. My favorite is still in the running. Maybe keeping my mouth shut about who I like best is working - yeah, right, that's it.

I am still spring cleaning albeit very slowly. Hopefully I'll be ready to show some pics in a day or so.

May is turning into one crazy month. The days are getting filled up on my calendar all too quickly. Speaking of calendars, who thought it was a good idea to make a calendar that doesn't have the previous month & following month (in smaller print) on the same page as the current month? Debra thinks it's not such a good idea. And I have two calendars like that.

I am off to the bank and to manage my little renovation project. I swear, it's just like TV - people don't show up when they say, they don't do what they said they would, they finish half the job, don't communicate (a biggie for me) - yes, it's just like on HGTV Just call me Lisa LaPorta...


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