Making your House your Home - Book Shelves

Book storage is a necessity for most of us. Over the years they pile up - from the first board book our first baby receives as a gift to the books we read in our book clubs as adults.  Where do you put them all? 

There are so many options.  The run of the mill book case.  Built-ins.  Stacking them under coffee tables.  Floating shelves.  Endless options, really.

Pottery Barn

Take Advantage of Vertical Space (Source)

Stack your books by color

 Books really show the personality of a household.  I've always felt that you can really tell a lot about a person by the books they display in their home.  Books make a home feel cozy and lived in.  They make your home unique - none of us have the exact same books in our home as someone else.

What's your favorite way to display your books?

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Anonymous said…
Brilliant ideas! I love that little wagon full of books!
I've homeschooled for 18 years now so I own as many books as our small community library!! I have all of my books arranged by subject. And I try to throw in some decor and rotate having them vertical and horizontal just to add a little visual interest.
Molly said…
When we bought our new house we had to make sure it had a "library" in it. We are obsessed with books and in our last house gave up the dining room to make a library, now the books aren't taking over the house.

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