Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Day 31 -Recap

Well, we've made it through another 31 Days challenge.  I'm not sure if it's because I've done this before or if it's the subject matter, but I think this year was a bit less challenging and I've got organization ideas that I haven't even touched.

Looking back, the three most popular posts based on page views were:

  • Day One - The first post in the series.  It has a list of all the other posts so you can quickly find the topics I wrote about this month. (This day also garnered the most comments).
  • Day Four - was all about the basics.  As hard as certain parts of our home can be to organize, it just comes down to basic concepts.
  • Day Two - is when I unveiled my Home Management Notebook.  If you don't have one, you really should consider putting one together.  The notebook makes life easier for everyone in the family.

My two favorite posts to write were:

  • Day 25 - was about my favorite organizing resources - books & blogs.  I get so much inspiration from these resources.
  • Day 18 - talked about letting go and reasons NOT to keep items hanging around your space.  I wrote that as much for myself as to share with others because it's something I have to keep reminding myself.
One thing I still need to share (because I know you're on the edge of your seat) is the laundry room reorganization/transformation.  As I was working on this space and going over some things with my husband, we decided that we really need a new faucet for the sink in the garage (the knob for the cold water isn't working).  A new faucet would make the sink look much worse that it does not (and it's bad now).  We are getting a new sink and faucet but just weren't able to take care of it this past weekend due to many Halloween events we were attending.  We hope to get to it within the next few weeks so I can share the transformation sometime in November.

Thanks to everyone who has gone on this journey with me and especially The Nester for organizing the challenge.  

Who's in for next October?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-One in One out

Once you get your home organized, a good rule to follow is the 'one in, one out' rule.

When you buy one item you should toss (or donate) a like item.  Following this rule will keep our homes (especially our closets) from becoming too full.

Today is Day 30 of The Nester's 31 Day Challenge.  Can you believe I've made it this far?  If you've missed any of my posts you can find them here.


Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - Vertical Space

No matter the size of our homes or the rooms in it, most of us feel like we could use more space.  Going vertical is a good way to find some extra room.

Use space over the door for storing special occasion serve ware.


We can take bookshelves to the ceiling.


Vertical space on the back of cupboard doors is perfect for storing items that you frequently use and want quick access to.

Where have you been able to find extra space in your home?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Gift Wrap Storage

Gift wrap supplies can really take up quite a bit of space and get spread out through the house if you don't have a plan to keep it organized.  These five ideas can help, even if you don't have room for a dedicated gift wrap room (wouldn't that be fun?)

  1. Stand it  - Store rolls of gift wrap in a five gallon wastebasket, an umbrella stand or a laundry hamper. 
  2. Hang it  - A shower caddy mounted to the wall makes the perfect place for your gift wrap supplies. A shoe organizer hanging on the back of a door is also a good way to keep your supplies in one place.  All those pockets are perfect for ribbon and tape and small gift bags.
  3. Stow it - Use a dresser in your guest room for gift wrap supplies.  Even if you can only borrow a drawer or two it makes a great place for anything that can lay flat.
  4. Frame it - Turn a large, open back frame and cafe rods into a pretty place for gift wrap and ribbon.
  5. Hook it - Everywhere you look hooks are being used to keep things tidy in our homes.  Gift wrap is no exception.  Hang hooks from your gift wrap wastebaskets, simple bath hardware, & on the wall to hold scissors and tape.
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Quick Tip-Closets

I had planned to really delve into closet organization this month but I'm not sure that will happen with all the Halloween festivities this weekend.

I go through my closet about a couple of times a year but it always seems a mess.  I chalk that up to the fact that it is super small (no walk-ins here).  The first place I start is by taking all the hanging clothing out of the closet and do a quick purge of anything I am really sure I don't need/want anymore.  I then place everything back in the closet with hangers hanging backwards ( the open part of the hook of the hanger should be facing you).


When you wear something, put the hanger back the other way and hang the item on that hanger when you hang it back up.  After a year (or even 6 months) you will have a clear picture of what you wear and what you don't making a closet purge really easy.

I got this idea from the great Peter Walsh.

This is day 27 of The Nester's 31 Day Challenge. You can find all my posts here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - Quick Tip-At The Front Door

Tray Chic
Better Homes and Gardens

Keys, phones and more.  Seems we're always looking for them.  How about this easy way to keep them from being misplaced?

This is a cutlery tray with spots for keys, phones, wallets & sunglasses.  This is a brilliant idea I got from Better Homes & Gardens.

I think I'll be looking for a cutlery tray this weekend. 

How do you keep these things from getting lost?

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Resources

You don't have to look hard to find references & resources to help with your organization tasks.  It seems like every week someone is coming out with a new book to help us achieve harmony in our homes through organization.  Three books that I especially like and reference are:

Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern - I have had this book for years and refer to it often.  It's been around for years but still has really good information in it. She takes you room by room to help you organize your home & office.

Feeling at Home by Alexandra Stoddard - I'm not sure this is technically an organization book but more of a finding out who you are and how you want to live book.  It delves into the emotional part of how our homes are an extension of who we are.  This book helps you live in your home.  It helps you know how you want to feel at home apart from decorating, and partnered with organization it helps make that happen.  One thing I love about all of Alexandra Stoddard's books are the quotes she has  throughout them.  Lots of quotes.  One of my favorites is:

Decoration is not the end,
but the means toward the end.  
The home should be complete-
and that means good housekeeping
and good food as well.

~Billy Baldwin

Home Rules by Nate Berkus - Again, this is not your traditional organizing manual, although there is a chapter on organizing at the end of the book.  The sub title of this book is 'transform the place you live into a place you'll love'.  I'll go out on a limb and say that 99% of us cannot love a place that is cluttered, disorganized, filled to the brim with stuff and messy.  We just can't.  This book teaches you how to make your home a place you love and can share with others.  One of my favorite aspects of the book is the 'ten questions to ask yourself' at the beginning of each chapter.  These questions are thought provoking and help you determine your style, color preferences, how you use your kitchen and more.  I love the idea of giving this book as a bridal shower or wedding gift.  It's that fabulous.  Nate has a new book out called 'Things That Matter'.  (It's the only thing on my Christmas list.)  One of my favorite sayings of Nate's is: 

I believe the home should rise up to greet you.

I would be remiss in leaving out some of the fabulous organizing blogs that are wonderful reference tools.  A few of my favorites:

The Clutter Diet Blog - Lorie is a professional organizer and has some really great ideas and advice she shares with the readers. I first discovered her on Twitter and started reading her blog after I found out how great it was.  

I Heart Organizing - Jen shares amazing organizing tips and fun projects with her readers.  She even has an Etsy shop with really useful (and pretty) printables.

Organizing Made Fun - Becky really does make organizing fun! Every Monday she shares an organizing tip or helps out a reader who needs it. 

There are a ton of other blogs, books and websites that try to help us get organized in our homes and in our lives.  

What are some of your favorites? 

I'm taking part in The Nester's 31 Day Challenge this month.  All of my posts in this series can be found here.

We are now on Day 25 of this challenge.  We have a few days left.  Is there anything in particular you would like to see me cover these last few days?  If so, leave me a comment and I'll do my best to cover it.  Thanks!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Calendar

Along with a planner, I use this hanging wall calendar.  It hangs on the wall in front of my desk so it's easy to jot down appointments, bill due dates, birthdays, etc.  And a glance at the wall keeps those dates front and center.

This calendar was purchased at Staples but they can be found many places- just Google at-a-glance.  Best money ever spent.

What is your go-to calendar?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Preparing

Nine weeks until Christmas.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  The key for me to have a serene (it's possible) holiday season is preparation.  Organizing my home this month will give me a clear path to easier preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I feel like we've accomplished quite a bit this month so far (all my 31 Days posts can be found here if you've missed anything), especially the week spent working on the kitchen.  It sure will be nice to know exactly where the pastry brush is when we need it since we've completed the 30 day gadget clean-up.

I spent this past weekend making my Christmas cards.  I only need to pick out which picture we'll put inside the cards.  One less thing to go when it's really busy.

I've worked this month making our home really Halloween-y for my Halloween loving family.

This corner below is the near the dog's bed so even he is getting into the spirit.

LM's Halloween costume is here, it fits, looks good and is ready for the big night.  It's the first year in a few that I have not bought & returned several costumes.  A good sign for the rest of the season, perhaps?

I spooked up our mantel with spiders and skeletons and eyeballs galore.  We are ready for Halloween next week and I anticipate smooth sailing as I prepare for the rest of the season.

How do you prepare ahead for the busy Holiday months?

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Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization- Lists

I am not a huge list maker.  I make a grocery list - which often gets let at home (anyone else?) - other than that I am hit or miss. I like post-it notes and use them in my Home Management Notebook for my "to-do's". I use index cards for making lists sometimes.  I have never quite gotten into using my phone or computer for my lists.  No matter where you keep your lists, they are a key to keeping organized.  

Try making lists to keep yourself (and your family) on track for some of these tasks:

  • Groceries- Saves money & time.  If you don't lose it!
  • Errands
  • Cleaning/Chores - Clean Mama has some wonderful printables (some free) to help keep you on track.
  • Gifts - Saves money & time.
  • Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Party Planning
  • Meal Planning
  • Packing for a Trip
Make your lists, use them and feel more organized each day.

What kinds of lists do you make? 

I'm joining The Nester for her 31 Days Challenge. If you missed any of my posts, you can find them here.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Organizing for Kids-Quick Tip

A wire, hanging rack is a quick and easy way to organize crayons, markers, pencils & more. This three tiered rack fits little metal buckets (most found at the $ spot in Target) which hold lots of writing tools for the little ones.  We have ours on the wall in the playroom but it would also work nicely on the back of a door.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - Laundry Rooms

I have no business talking about laundry rooms.  Mine is in the garage.  It makes it super fun to do laundry in July. Even when it's cooler out it's still not the serene place I would like it to be, try as I might.

On paper, my laundry area is not too bad: front loading washer and dryer, wall cabinets for storage & a utility sink.  I even got a nice hanging rack for my birthday.  But I'm still in the garage.

I love the wall cabinets for storing detergent & other wash related  items (dryer sheets, vinegar, spot remover, etc).

In an ideal world I would love to have something like one of these rooms:


Look at all the storage here.  Would it actually be fun to do laundry here? 


I love the green wall color and the stenciled definition of laundry in this room.

While I don't love the wall color here, I am in love with the amount of storage in this room.

Check out my Laundry Room Pinterest Board for more laundry room inspiration.

Over the weekend I plan to do a little reorganization in my laundry area so I'll share it with you next week.  But I'll warn you ahead of time- it's not going to be as exciting as these rooms.

I am joining The Nester this month for her 31 Days challenge.  A list of all of my posts can be found on Day 1.

Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-Storing Seasonal Decorations

Who doesn't love a beautifully decorated home at the holidays?  Along with all that decor comes the challenge of storing it when it's not in use.  Enter the storage bins.  I often wonder what our grandmothers did without Rubbermaid or Sterilite. Plastic storage totes are my number one way to store decorations.  Think about the following when choosing your storage bins:

Size-Yes, it matters.  Storage totes come in all sizes, from a small five gallon to a 45 gallon wheeled model (by Sterilite).  I like the larger sizes for big, light weight decor (like wreaths).  Smaller sizes are perfect for decorations that are smaller, but heavier (like door stops, metal figurines).  Bigger isn't always better so you need to keep in mind what you're storing and make sure you can actually pick up and carry the totes.

Material - It might be less expensive to toss your decorations in a cardboard box and be done with it but plastic seems to be a better storage solution for temperature fluctuations found in garages, attics and basements.  They also hold up better to stacking.  And if there's ever a flood in your basement you can say goodbye to your heirloom Christmas ornaments if they are in a cardboard box.  You should be able to find storage totes on sale several times a year so be on the lookout for them and only buy them on sale. 

Space Available- If you are putting your totes on shelving units in your basement it's important to make sure the totes fit on the shelves. Measure your shelving unit before shopping & save yourself a trip back to the store for an exchange.

I love the fact that most of the storage tote manufacturers make pretty colored totes (like the orange fall ones) to make organizing more fun.

Are you wondering what is in those storage totes?  All of my Halloween decorations.  Quite a few of them end up on the mantel.

Over the past few years the mantel has gotten creepier and creepier.  LM suggested the eyeballs in the apothecary jar.  In all my life I never thought I'd buy eyeballs for a decoration. The eyeballs came from Michaels (hurry, I know you want some).  The Happy Halloween sign is from Hobby Lobby and the metal house & glitter spider ($1) are from Walmart.

I got the idea for the ghost cloche from Dave's Wife Kristy. My husband and LM keep telling me to change the ghost's mouth because he looks too nice.  Remember Casper, the friendly ghost?  They're related.  I think the spider is from Walmart.  The black boo is from Hobby Lobby.

I'm not a fan of using skeletons for decorations but LM talked me into buying this guy last year.  And I kind of like him on the mantel this year.

I love the small pennant banner I made.

A close up of the green glitter spider.  And you'll notice the creepy eyeballs again.  I used a little batting in the house to make it look dusty - kind of like The Munster's house.

Another glimpse of the friendly ghost.

On November 1 most of this will be stored in the plastic storage totes until next year.  And then it won't be long until the Christmas storage totes make an appearance.

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Day challenge again this year.  All of my 31 Day posts can be found here.

I also linking my mantel up to Beth's Halloween Mantel party today.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - When it's alright to let go

Have nothing in your house 

that you do not know to be useful,

 or believe to be beautiful. 

~William Morris

Keep this in mind as you are going through your home organizing and purging.  Don't keep anything just because: 

  1. It was a gift from someone you care about.  We all have objects that we don't like but keep because they are from our grandma/best friend/sister and we don't have the heart to part with them.  If a gift is hidden in your closet because you hate it, what good is it doing anyone?  Donate it to the Goodwill and let someone love it.
  2. It represents what you used to be.  The mauve dinnerware you got for your wedding in 1992 may not work for you in 2012.  It's okay.  Let it go.
  3. You think you may fit into or need it one day. The size 4 jeans from high school?  Toss them - trust me, styles have changed since 1988 and you'll want to buy a new pair when you are a size 4 again.  The baseboards you removed during your home renovation?  Donate or sell them.  You will not use them and you know it.  They are just taking up valuable space.  
Just imagine how much room we'd have to spread out if we followed these rules.  

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization-DVD & CD Storage

With the popularity of itunes and Netflix you would think that our music and movie storage dilemmas would be far behind us.  Not around here.  We still need places too keep our DVD & CD collections. I prefer them to be out of sight so I found these collapsible boxes a few years ago at The Container Store.  I don't think these ones are still available but they have a plethora of attractive options.

These boxes fit perfectly stacked two high on the bottom of our library table.  I measured the space before I committed to 12 of these babies so I knew they would work. The area looks neat and everything is easily found when we want a movie or CD.

And, yes, everything is in alphabetical order.  It's super easy to locate what you're looking for this way.

I'm am joining The Nester and over 1000 others this month for the 31 Day Challenge.  You can find all of my 31 Days posts here. I hope you'll check out all of the organizing ideas.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - Interrupted

 It's Day 16 of my 31 day challenge.  I decided to take a break and join Melissa today for her Under $10 Under 1 hour party.  A little break is always good although you could say this is a post on how to organize straws if you'd like.

The idea of the party is to share something you created for under $10 that took you less than 1 hour.  My cute little paper straw holder (jar) took about 10 minutes and only cost $2.

To make this I used:

Jar - recycled jam jar - Free
Paper - from my scrap paper supply -Already had
Ribbon - from my supply - Already had
Spider - I stamped this last year while at a friend's, thinking one day I might want to use it somewhere - Free
Straws - $1.99 at Michaels.

Grand total = $1.99

I love how it turned out.  It makes the perfect little Halloween decoration and it's useful to boot.  Although my husband said 'what good is a paper straw?  You can't actually drink out of it, can you?'  Yes, yes you can.  I'll let him pick what color he wants at dinner tomorrow night.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more Home Organization.

Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - Paying Bills

Paying bills is not likely high on anyone's list of fun things to do.  But do it we must.  I am the bill payer in our family.  I don't mind doing it and my husband has no desire to take over the task so it works well for us.

Over the years I have tried all kinds of bill paying organizers, containers, systems, etc.  But what I like the best is paying my bills as I get them.  It's super simple and nothing is late.
If you pay your bills on line through your bank you can schedule your payments to be made on or before the due date.

TIP:  I almost always have my bills delivered one day before their due date - just in case.  I have never had a problem with on line bill pay through my bank but you never know.

Once I have paid a bill I file toss it in a box which I purge (& shred) yearly. Anything needed for taxes goes in a file labeled Taxes 2012. There was a time when I was really OCD about the filing.  Once I paid a bill I filed it in a folder for that specific account in date order. With on line bills and bill paying I felt this was a bit excessive as any bill can now be pulled up on line and the need to keep a paper copy of the phone or electric bill for eternity is unnecessary (unless needed for tax purposes).

What sort of bill paying system works for you?

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Days Challenge. If you have missed any of my post you can find them here.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization- A Sunday Recipe

We spent all week getting our kitchens in order so I thought it would be fun to take a break from organizing and enjoy our newly arranged spaces.  We got some limes in our last Bountiful Basket and I wanted to use them in a yummy desert recipe.  I found Neely's Lime Bars (very similar to Lemon Bars but made with limes) and decided to give them a try.  They were super easy and really delicious.

You may know the Neely's, Pat & Gina, from the Food Network show "Down Home with the Neely's".  Not only is their show one of my favorites to watch on the Food Network, their recipes are fun and tasty, with that special southern flare that I love.  They film their show in their home kitchen.  We could all do that now that we've got our kitchens organized, right?

You can find the recipe for Neely's Lime Bars here.

I loved these lime bars and will definitely make them again.  And again.  And again.

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Days challenge this month, along with over 1000 others. Find my other posts in this series here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - The Fridge

The refrigerator is probably one of the hardest parts of our homes to keep organized.  It's kind of like a closet in that we can just put stuff in there and close the doors.  Tempting as that is, keeping your fridge organized will pay off in many ways, including:
  • Less food waste.  Think of all the food that gets pushed to the back and is found months (years?) later and gets tossed.
  • Saving money.  Since you aren't wasting food you'll save dough by not having to buy something you already have.
  • Cooking more.  If you know what you have and make a plan, cooking will be less stressful and easier to tackle after a long day.  Cooking more at home will likely save you money as well.

I like to keep the outside of my fridge clear.  It gives the illusion of being organized- in the same way making a bed does.

Organizing the fridge should be an ongoing process but it all starts with the basics.  A few times a year I really get in there and clean, take everything out, wash out the drawers, etc. A weekly (the night before the trash is picked up) clean out keeps things pretty organized. When it's done weekly I seldom find mystery food pushed to the back.

I also go through everything in the fridge right before I go to the grocery store.  I'm in there peeking around to see what I need to buy so if I find something that needs to go it's easy just to toss it.

I try to group like items together in the fridge and freezer.  Above you will notice my cheese drawer - I keep snack type cheeses up front so little people can easily grab a snack.  The way I group things goes something like this:

In drawers-

  • Produce (anything in a container too large for the drawer sits on the shelf directly above the drawer).
  • Bread products/tortillas
  • Coffee/cream cheese (quite a combo, I know)
  • Cheese (see above)
  • Deli meats
In doors-
  • Condiments
On shelves-
  • Eggs
  • Milk/Juice
  • Yogurt
  • Any produce that doesn't fit in the drawer
  • Anything else

Freezer on the bottom - I'm a fan!

The freezer is organized into compartments.  From left to right: meat, ice cream/miscellaneous, breakfast foods (bacon, sausage). The shelf on the drawer usually holds frozen veggies.

We have a refrigerator/freezer in the garage where we keep any over flow, beer and bottle water.

Just as with organizing the rest of your home, you will need to find a system that works for you.  We are a family of three so my refrigerator organization is pretty simple.

One thing I've seen people do is use plastic containers in their fridge for smaller items or like items (sandwich making supplies for example). Buy square or rectangle containers so they will fit well together in the fridge, saving space.

I'm joining The Nester this month for her 31 Days challenge. If you've missed any of my posts you can find them here.

Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - The Pantry

Organizing a pantry can be a daunting task but just like any other part of your home it's pretty basic (see a list of organizing basics here).
A place for cookbooks, extra dinnerware, table linens and aprons (hung with a Command hook).
 Take your pantry overhaul step by step:

Take everything out of the pantry.  Wipe down all surfaces before you put things back.

Purge. Toss anything that is expired.  I can send my daughter over to help with that - she's like a police dog when sniffing out expiration dates. Donate anything that is not expired but you know you'll never use (like those horrid Yakisoba noodles you got for free with your 10 coupons) to your local food bank.  Only keep what you know you will use.

Cereal and chips share a home in my pantry.

Sort like items.  Figure out what works for you.  I find that during the holidays I need to move my chips to the cabinet that houses the crackers because my cereal cabinet is full of Chex cereals for all the mixes I like to make. All canned soups together.  All canned veggies together.  You get the idea.

Containerize & Label. I am a huge fan of plastic containers (like Tupperware or Rubbermaid).  They stack nicely and keep things fresh.  Label what you can - it makes it easier for others to find things in your kitchen.

Plastic wraps, tin foil, storage bags

Be Creative. Make use of wall space and cabinet doors.  Hooks and over the door racks can really multiply your space.  We had sliding drawers installed in the cabinet below allowing this space to be an effective pantry area - the cabinets are deep and the drawers make it easy to see everything.

Sliding drawers - one of my favorite kitchen accessories.

Take an inventory. Many people keep written inventories of what's in their pantry.  I love this idea because you always know what you have on hand and what you need to purchase.

Condiments and baking supplies are kept here- I think it needs to be straightened up a bit!
Maintain. Arguably the hardest part of the organization process but one of the most important.  A little bit of weekly attention will keep you from having to repeat the process totally in the future (and I speak from experience).

You can find many pantry re-do's and tips all over blogland but one pantry I am in love with is Shelly's at the  House of Smiths.  Her transformation is amazing.

I am joining The Nester this month for her 31 Days Challenge.  Find my other posts here

Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Home Organization - Small Appliances

Small appliances, in general,  have to be one of the greatest inventions around.  You can slice and dice and julienne.  You can come home to homemade bread.  You can blend the perfect margarita on a summer day.

You also have to store said small appliances.  And that can be a problem for some most of us.  As a general rule, I am a 'if I see it I'll use it' type of gal.  So if an appliance is stored away I am less apt to pull it out to use it (rice cooker, for example).  But counter space is at a premium and I hate having everything on the counter top unless it's used.  A lot.  For me that means the Kitchen Aid and the Keurig get to stay out.  Everything else is put away.

My crock pot and food processor are used a good bit but definitely not every day.  I'll admit it was a toss up as to whether to keep the food processor or Kitchen Aid on the counter but I figured the food processor was less likely to land on my head when stored in this cabinet so I kept the mixer in plain sight.

I've had this little set up for a while and it's worked well.

I also have stored my blender, toaster (it's used daily but in a super easy spot to pull in and out), mini pie maker and the rice cooker.  I actually cannot remember the last time I used it.  I actually forgot I had it until I started working on this post. Out of sight out of mind when it comes to small appliances here at September Acres. And it looks like there's something else for the donate pile.

How do you handle small appliance storage?  Is everything out?  Everything stored?  Somewhere in between?

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Days Challenge this month.  If you've missed any of my other posts on home organization you can find them here.