An Elementary School...

or a Pub? Take a gander at some of the lunch offerings in our school district this month.

  • Nachcos w/ cheese sauce (read: tortilla chips, cheese whiz & a spoonful of ground beef)

  • Cheeseburger

  • Hot Dog

  • Pepperoni Pizza

  • Corn Dogs

  • Sloppy Joes (the worst thing they serve, by far)

  • Frito Taco Salad (same as nachos but with a little iceberg lettuce)

What next, a keg set up next to the milk and juice?

Thankfully, my daughter has not wanted to buy much this year. In defense of the school they do offer cold sandwiches along with the pub food as well as a 'shaker' salad each day. I didn't buy much when I was in school either (but I really wanted to) but I remember Pizza day being a HUGE deal & I don't remember any of this other stuff. I guess times have changed in 20 (or more) years. All that being said, I know there are many children who get their only meals at school & I am thankful that they have the opportunity to partake on the school lunch program. I wonder though if that isn't even more of a reason to make the food a little healthier.

What do other school districts offer on their lunch menus?


*carrie* said…
Yikes! I'm not sure since I don't have school age kids, but I thought there was a surge in improving the nutrition of school lunches. The documentary Super Size Me had quite the commentary about that subject!
Wendi said…
I guess things have really changed. I hear my nieces talk about extras such as ice cream and "fruit" drinks in elementary school. I remember it being a treat to have a choice of chocolate milk on Tuesday and Thursday!
Sinclair said…
We always had a main dish, a vegetable, a bread or fruit cocktail, and milk. We loved "cowboy bread" day and lasagna day. We were served on cafeteria platters with a separate well for each food item by "lunch ladies" in hair nets. It was put on the platter by the lunch lady as we walked through the lunch line. We were supposed to eat it all, and the lunch duty teachers would walk around to make sure we were eating.

Now there is a bunch of pre-packaged junk food like pizza and hot dogs and frito boats and used-to-be-frozen burritos, as well as FAST FOOD (can you imagine?) like Taco Bell brought in for lunches. There is NO nutritional value in the foods currently served in public schools. I have one child in High School in public school, and I have decided to home school my younger child for now.

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