Yes, I just love to beat a dead horse. I was going through the fundraising stuff for my daughter's Daisy Scout troop and noticed that the items they are selling (nuts, chocolate, etc) will each net $1 for the troop. So, the cranberry nut medley (which looks yummy but I need like a hole in the head) costs $5 with $1 going to the troop. Now wouldn't it be better for the troop to get the whole $15 if I just wrote a check for $15 to them? Something to think about I guess. I considered getting the nuts for gifts but we just don't have a ton of gifts to get this year. When cookie time rolls around I know it will be a different deal. Oh, I need cookies like a hole in the head, too.

My daughter is being super sassy tonight. She didn't feel well last night so didn't sleep great and then was up at about 5:30. I think she is tired but it doesn't make it any better. Her friend L is spending the night and up until a few minutes ago she was being a crab to her, too. Lovely. They are playing nicely now - of course since it's only 40 minutes until bed time.

My daughter has a birthday party tomorrow for a school friend. I picked up something today for her when I went to Walmart (my first trip there in about 6 weeks) and of course my daughter 'has' to have it. Happens every birthday. I think I need to take her on a retreat to de-program her from all of this commercialism.

I have noticed some blogs today talking about this economic 'crisis'. I am glad people are talking about it. I have VERY strong feelings about what is going on and am not for a bailout at all but it seems like that is where we are headed. There are so many questions - the little nitty gritty especially. I am glad to see that JP Morgan Chase is buying some of WAMU's assets, Wachovia is in talks w/ several banks, Berkshire Hathaway pumping billions into Goldman Sachs. That's the way capitalism is supposed to work. (my opinion)

Well, I need to go check on 2 little girls. It's kind of quiet right now...


Laurie Anne said…
Our school is doing a walk-a-thon so we get 100% profit. No wrapping paper or expensice turtles :0)
We have a friend who used to work for WaMu and he has been talking about how bad things have been for a long time. I agree with you that market should be "fixed" from within. You can't base your economy on capitalism and then change the rules when things go a way you don't like. No one wants hard times, but maybe they are needed for folks to regain a little perspective. If anything, the next few days will be intersting.
We also have a friend spending the night and I'm counting the minutes unitl lights out :0)

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