How Clean is Your House?

So, have you seen "How Clean is Your House?" Oh my, is all I can say. WHERE do these people come from? The synic in me says they are actors and their 'home' is a set. But I think it's one of those things you can't even make up it's so bad. The family (yes, young children involved here) on the show I saw today had not cleaned their home in 10 years. Can you even imagine?? It is really hard to watch the show sometimes since all I keep thinking is that I should be cleaning my house!

I try to keep to a cleaning schedule around here but sometimes it's hard. Of course there are the daily things:

  • Wipe down kitchen and bath surfaces after each meal. Put dishes in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. For all my faults, the one thing we don't have is dishes stacked in the sink. It just grosses me out.
  • "Swiffer" the tile - we have a dog which means lots of dog fur so it's best to do it daily.
  • Put shoes/coats away.
  • Make beds - although I do admit that sometimes on Saturdays I don't make it - I don't know why Saturday. But only if no one is coming over.
  • General 'picking up'

I wash the sheets on Tuesday. I really hate doing my daughter's bed. She has one of the bunk beds with the full on the bottom and a twin on top and it's against a wall. I should get combat pay for that. Clean bathrooms on Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh and there is the mopping. UGH. This is why I used to have a cleaning lady. But since she has been gone I discovered 'the shark steamblaster'- it is wonderful. The floor feels sooo clean and it dries in no time.

Well, I am off to put the clean sheets on the bed,vacuum and clean our bathroom. I'd better run...


Lisa said…
Well, girly.. Idont think Ive got a set routine. I can tell when the place needs a good spiffin. which is about once a week. Ive got one of those shark steemers--love it!!! great on my floors!
come on over and help me!
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